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  1. Donation to Affinity is like donating to someone with millions of Dollars. Its a nice gesture, but I don't thing its necessary in this situation. If you wan't to donate, there are far beter options in my opinion Don't get me wrong, I support them by owning every product they have, including the books.
  2. Yep! Same story here (except the 40 years of experience then)
  3. Great news! Now we just have to wait until Adobe buys Serif
  4. Was misschien ook geen slecht idee geweest. Hij staat nu al online bij het ING portal...
  5. For the ING bank that I am working for, I made some webpages and PowerPoints slides. Here is an example. I don’t want to show off, because there are far better people than me, but just to inspire newer users to just keep trying and practice. It doesn’t mater if you think the design sucks, there is always something to learn and to improve your workflow. :)
  6. How can I be so stupit?.... Thanks for taking the time and teatch this noob.
  7. I have the following issue: Corner radius depends on shape size and are not equal. If you do some UI/UX work this is very frustrating! So if you have a square shape, for 50x50 with a single border radius of 4%, and a square of 500x500 with the same 4% radius, the roundness of the edges is not the same, because the size of the object is different. What can I do? Is this a bug? :wacko:
  8. But are you asking a full price again for the 2.0 version if you bought the 1.X?
  9. I would like to see a small improvement regarding the ruler: The ability to deleting a ruler line with selecting it, and press delete. ;)
  10. I was just wondering about something. Adobe made to the move to let users pay a monthly fee to keep their business running. It is the main reason why I jumped on the Serif ship. But how do they keep supporting themselves with users paying a single price for the software? For now, the software is new to a lot of people, but what about two years from now? How does this business model evolve? Any idea? =)
  11. I am used to I now, but an option for the keys would be nice indeed.
  12. Yes I knew that option allready, but there are not many options ;)
  13. Does this mean when you select an object, the slected object jumps to the slected layer inside the layer panel? Because every time when I select a object, I have to search for the object inside the layer panel.... :(
  14. Never saw it like that, but you do make sense! Great feedback.
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