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  1. (Designer related vector feedback) Please add an option to turn off the selected/nodes displayed after drawing lines with the vector pencil tool. This is really distracting…I want it to be more like a drawing tool and less like a pen tool (at least optionally) (more like how the vector brush tool works) also, I hope the vector brush stroke ends when drawn with pressure can be improved - oftentimes they have weird artifacts or partial jaggies or flat end truncations in them rather than the smooth thin to thick stroke. This is for basic brushes, nothing fancy. thank you, -damian
  2. Now it says “coming soon” instead of “summer” 🙊 Does that mean sooner or later than summer? 🙈
  3. Thanks @nwhit - I took a deeper look, and as it turns out the text is correct. I took a look at my title text issue, and the issue appears to be that the left hand page of the spread should have been using a different Master than the right. Once I switched the master (which updated the background colours, etc), everything looks great. I am pretty sure the original INDD file had it correct, but will need to check when I can access InDesign again (I used the trial to create IDMLs of my handful of files to bring them to Affinity). All of my master pages are built as two page spreads, but in some cases I applied individual pages as one master differing from the opposing page spread. Not sure if it was an IDML issue or not, but a simple fix Amazed at how great the IDML import is working overall!!
  4. I have only done a quick initial test, and generally things are looking REALLY good!! Noticing my page numbers do not seem to be showing however, and something happened to one bit of title text that is making it appear very washed out (though the opacity is 100%. Will report more as I test. (on latest 518 build)
  5. Thanks @Murfee, there are workarounds (like opening it via double click also) but I am looking for something simpler and more consistent with other images (in the context bar) that are placed so that I can see how dpi is affected on resize without having to open another palette.
  6. I get that only for image files that I place, not for an affinity photo doc for example.
  7. I would love to see the dpi for a placed affinity image (as other images show) in Publisher without needing to double click and open it in another tab.
  8. YES, Thank you and the team SO MUCH for the amazing work on this!! I am so excited for the release, and waffling on whether I want the app store version or a better discount which clearly speaks to the value of your software that both are invaluable regardless of the beta appreciation discount. Additionally, as a long time self publisher that may not be your typical "Pro User" that is pumping out daily publications I sincerely want to thank you for the work here. The "consumer" desktop pub apps out there are not really viable for much beyond brochures, etc, and my reliance on InDesign was sorely in need of a feasible non subscription replacement. You responded very quickly to early concerns around margins, bleed, etc etc at the beginning of the beta, making Affinity Publisher suitable for my needs quite some time ago...and now it has evolved to be an even bigger powerhouse of functionality over the course of the beta. The great work you and your team have done is nothing short of amazing. I will be buying this day one on the app store or pre-ordering through the affinity store once I can quit being indecisive. Really looking forward to the launch, as well as the continued future of Publisher in terms of updates and an iPad app! thank you again!! -damian
  9. @GabrielM I definitely will - I tried yesterday a couple of times, and today, but haven't repro'd now sadly. Will send whatever I can get once it happens again.
  10. Thanks @MattP ! That seems to have done the trick....I tried crashing it when set to Metal with Compute Off, and also Metal with Compute On, didn't crash for either. When set to OpenGL and Compute Off, no crash. Just set to Open GL with Compute On (same settings as all previous crashes, and were the defaults), and it locked up again with the beach ball very quickly (fast repeated strokes with Wacom pen, brush set to pressure). Maybe the Metal Compute option can be disabled/ignored when set to Open GL? thanks again! -damian
  11. I have made the RC crash several times, but not starting a new thread due to lack of consistent reproducible steps (I'll keep trying). It tends to be when I draw/make marks too quickly with a brush that tapers with pressure, and at some point I get the beachball and have to force quit. I use the "report" option after it restarts, but not sure that is the best method - how best to send you crash info? I've crashed it 4 or 5 times today (edit: just did it again, haha), and once late friday I think it was. Looking fwd to ALL the 1.7 Releases - including Pub btw thanks, -damian
  12. Great progress on Publisher! You are really doing amazing work on this, and I'm looking forward to the release! Not a bug (otherwise would make new posting), but "Show Anchors" took some digging - it might be worth considering to include it in the View menu? This is where I was looking for it initially. Keep up the great work on everything!!
  13. I haven't seen it multiple times yet, but will continue trying to see if there's a specific trigger. As I recall, I was drawing numerous lines, and since they were always selected, I kept trying to sculpt them. Will see what I can find in terms of a consistent set of steps. thank you!
  14. I don't recall the pencil tool supporting pressure based width last time I tried in a previous beta - but works beautifully! Sculpting was working well also, and then crashed. Send the crash report to Apple. Not sure what other info to post here. How about a feature request for all apps: I would like to be able to have a setting to turn off the "stay selected" behaviour after I draw a stroke...it's a bit of an annoyance when drawing. Loving Publisher, looking forward to the release and Have a great holiday break and New Year!!
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