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  1. Now it says “coming soon” instead of “summer” 🙊 Does that mean sooner or later than summer? 🙈
  2. Thanks @Murfee, there are workarounds (like opening it via double click also) but I am looking for something simpler and more consistent with other images (in the context bar) that are placed so that I can see how dpi is affected on resize without having to open another palette.
  3. I get that only for image files that I place, not for an affinity photo doc for example.
  4. I would love to see the dpi for a placed affinity image (as other images show) in Publisher without needing to double click and open it in another tab.
  5. I have printed several perfect bound books using CreateSpace, and I normally keep the internal pages as a single PDF, and the cover (page size *2 + spine + bleeds) as a separate PDF (oftentimes cover in Illustrator or Photoshop -now AP or AD), and do the internals in InDesign with facing pages printed out to single pages in the PDF. Not sure if that helps - I haven’t normally put the cover in the same file as the internals.
  6. I wonder if those display modes could work with the affinity split screen slider? That would be awfully nice to scrub and see one side of the spread in presentation, while working on the other side in normal working view with guides and bleed and such!
  7. +1 - would be nice to do all this setup in one place at the beginning.
  8. I see the Bleed frame now appearing in the new beta which is terrific! That said, I am a little confused...if I have a facing pages document, I need to set both Left and right bleed so that outer edges have bleed, but then on page 1 it is showing the bleed frame extension on both left and right sides of the single page. Now, I don't know if it is because I'm not familiar with large publishing houses, and have only prepared Indesign files myself for printing my books, but with a facing pages document there should be a notion of a binding edge where "Inside" and "Outside" maybe make more sense. Left and Right seems clever, but then produces bleed on BOTH sides of the first page of the book which I would be worried may be misprinted since normally there would only be one side of bleed. Just wondering if this is a bug or yet to do change needed or is this useful in other situations? I can see a single page doc wanting full bleed on both left and right. Thoughts?
  9. Opening an afphoto file from Dropbox worked fantastically well, but I didn't have one of the fonts on my iPad - would love to be able to add fonts to keep the visual fidelity in sync. (also for AD on ipad when it is ready) Amazing work on the app!! I'm stunned how much you were able to do, and how well. thanks, -damian
  10. +1000000 for the export quality preview in Affinity Photo (and Designer). It's basically the only thing I need to go back to Photoshop for.
  11. This might be feature request, or maybe I am doing something wrong? If I place/embed an AD document into an APhoto document, when I double click on the AD layer in APhoto it opens it in a new document tab also in Photo. My question is - if it is an AD document imported, shouldn't it open it in AD? The Edit in AD option is not available for this embedded document either. (linked documents as opposed to embedded would be nice also, but that's a different topic). Thanks, -damian
  12. Here is the Photoshop ICO export plugin for reference that would be great to be supported: http://telegraphics.com.au/sw/product/ICOFormat
  13. +1 for this also...I'm running into needing to export BMPs and .ICOs also for this same reason, and am jumping back to Photoshop for only this reason - ICO is possible through a Photoshop plugin, but adding that plugin to APh doesn't seem to work.
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