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  1. kaenes

    [Bug][AD] Export embedded documents

    No, I don't receive any error messages. But exported png's or jpg's files are white/empty/depends on artboard settings. But I found a workaround for this problem. If embedded document has applied layer effect, exported files are fine. I applied layer effect -> color overlay:-> color white -> blend mode: multiply. So i think this solution works because Affinity Designer has to rasterize embedd document with fx added to layer. Without fx AD exports only empty wireframe/boundaries of embedded document.
  2. Affinity Designer ver I'm unable to export embedded documents via File>Export... neither using export persona. It was possible in previous stable release but stopped working in latest beta.
  3. In latest beta version I can't export properly artboards with embedded affinity documents. When I'm trying to export my artboard i get only empty (white) *.jpg or *.png file.
  4. Export to *.png with transparent background does not work And yes I do have " transprent backround" turned on in document settings .
  5. You have to change artboards order from layers panel instead of moving your artboards on canvas. I hope bleed view is going to be soon but for now you can put rectangle with your artboard size + bleed, than you can give him stroke 1px but without fill (I prefer magenta color for better visibility). Then put your "custom" bleed guide over your artboard. It's gonna be exported to pdf if you leave it in artboard so move it above artboard in layers panel.
  6. I had the same problem. But i fixed it when I've changed my second monitor to "main screen" in windows screen settings. Now I can use AFDesigner on both screens.