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  1. It probably depends on specific company. Even if some of them uses Affiinity they may not have it on requirements. Mainly because it is easier to find someone familiar with adobe products. But recently a lot of people uses wider range of apps and software packages. For an example I'm responsible for user interface in in popular free 2 play game. And I have switched to AD from Illustrator right after Affinity Designer has been released. And when we were looking for a new UI designer we have'nt wrote about AD in our requirements. But I did ask about it during one on one conversation. After recruitment process I did show to my new team mate how Affinity Designer works and he immediately loved it. So now we both use Affinity Designer in our daily routine instead of Adoby products. It does'nt mean that I fully dropped Adobe products but I use different tools depends on my needs.
  2. No, I don't receive any error messages. But exported png's or jpg's files are white/empty/depends on artboard settings. But I found a workaround for this problem. If embedded document has applied layer effect, exported files are fine. I applied layer effect -> color overlay:-> color white -> blend mode: multiply. So i think this solution works because Affinity Designer has to rasterize embedd document with fx added to layer. Without fx AD exports only empty wireframe/boundaries of embedded document.
  3. Affinity Designer ver I'm unable to export embedded documents via File>Export... neither using export persona. It was possible in previous stable release but stopped working in latest beta.