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  1. "An error occurred while exporting to ...." Affinity Designer Fix those bugs guys... Seriously. plakat.afdesign
  2. I agree with 3joern. Right now I'm working on a presentation in AD and after exporting all is reversed. YES: REVERSED. It opens it in the wrong order. AD is my 'better' tool for making presentations. How have I done presentations earlier? In PowerPoint. Since forever slides were presented FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. How I read books? I read line to the end of it AND THEN, THE "NEXT LINE" is BELLOW. How I organise artboards on canvas? FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. But my layers stack have to be totaly out of the order, because you are to lazy? to add one checkbox in export options: "export slides from top to bottom"? Where's the problem to add that one check box? Btw. I would have it allways checked, because I always read from TOP TO BOTTOM. Please don't think that we are the only ones who has a problem with this. Other designers just don't want to waste their time writing here if such as simple feature hasn't been added since 2016's post. Yeah, I spoke to other users about it
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