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  1. Ok, well, I hope to see the employers using Affinity software soon. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Question to experienced Affinity Designer/Photo users: Is Affinity for self-employed designers? I ask because I have been seeing that most employers list in their job requirements - Adobe photoshop/illustrator/InDesign and MAC. If someone wants to get a job in the graphic design field, will an employer accept Affinity Designer/Photo experience? When I look on indeed.com and see the requirements for graphic designers, it says that they are looking for Adobe software experience. What are your thoughts on this? It's nice that the Affinity software is reasonably priced and has good features, but, if a graphic designer/photographer is looking for a job and does not use Adobe software - how will it help the job seeker? just asking. Something to think about though. What is the Affinity software developer or marketing department plans to get the software into the workplace? perhaps attend trade shows that businesses and organizations attend to create the need for Affinity software?
  3. When you buy the book cover software the pictures/fonts are included in the licenses. But, does Affinity Designer/Affinity Publisher have the book cover templates? because if it doesn't, it seems as if it would be time consuming to figure out the dimensions for the book cover, spine, etc., and having the ability to generate a bar code would from the software would save a lot of time.
  4. Yes, it would be a nice feature to have book cover templates provided with Affinity Publisher and the ability to generate bar codes in the software.
  5. I would like to be able to create book cover designs that generates bar codes. There are two websites that sells this already: https://bookcreative.com/ and https://bookcoverly.com/ They are selling the same software, Book Creative came from BookCoverPro. BookCoverPro went out of business and started Book Creative. Then, Book Creative sold it to someone else and then, created BookCoverly. Both websites is selling the same product for the same prices. It is a nice program for writers that want to save money and create their own book cover designs. The software even generates bar codes for ISBN (very nice feature) and comes with templates, marketing templates such as: business cards, brochures, CD covers, Ebook covers, Kindle book cover, Brochures, Fliers, Mailers, Bookmarks, Magazine Covers, Bumper stickers, Posters, Business Cards, CD/DVD covers, Postcards, & Envelopes. So, if Affinity Publisher could add this feature, it would be totally awesome!
  6. I don't see Affinity Publisher on the website, where is it link? Thanks
  7. I had Web Plus x5 and x7, as well as Page Plus x5. I wanted to know can you build websites and apps with Affinity Designer? Thank you.
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