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  1. I would love to see the dpi for a placed affinity image (as other images show) in Publisher without needing to double click and open it in another tab.
  2. Thanks @Murfee, there are workarounds (like opening it via double click also) but I am looking for something simpler and more consistent with other images (in the context bar) that are placed so that I can see how dpi is affected on resize without having to open another palette.
  3. I get that only for image files that I place, not for an affinity photo doc for example.
  4. YES, Thank you and the team SO MUCH for the amazing work on this!! I am so excited for the release, and waffling on whether I want the app store version or a better discount which clearly speaks to the value of your software that both are invaluable regardless of the beta appreciation discount. Additionally, as a long time self publisher that may not be your typical "Pro User" that is pumping out daily publications I sincerely want to thank you for the work here. The "consumer" desktop pub apps out there are not really viable for much beyond brochures, etc, and my reliance on InDesign was sorely in need of a feasible non subscription replacement. You responded very quickly to early concerns around margins, bleed, etc etc at the beginning of the beta, making Affinity Publisher suitable for my needs quite some time ago...and now it has evolved to be an even bigger powerhouse of functionality over the course of the beta. The great work you and your team have done is nothing short of amazing. I will be buying this day one on the app store or pre-ordering through the affinity store once I can quit being indecisive. Really looking forward to the launch, as well as the continued future of Publisher in terms of updates and an iPad app! thank you again!! -damian
  5. Great progress on Publisher! You are really doing amazing work on this, and I'm looking forward to the release! Not a bug (otherwise would make new posting), but "Show Anchors" took some digging - it might be worth considering to include it in the View menu? This is where I was looking for it initially. Keep up the great work on everything!!
  6. If I scan (Epson Perfection V550) in greyscale at 600 dpi, the image comes into Affinity Photo as if it's been through a shredder. Works fine in Pixelmator, Photoshop, etc File attached and preview/screenshot. I primarily need scanner support(not good at the moment), some image tweaking (seems fine) and a Save For Web with preview would be great at some point. thanks, -damian scanfail.afphoto
  7. I don't recall the pencil tool supporting pressure based width last time I tried in a previous beta - but works beautifully! Sculpting was working well also, and then crashed. Send the crash report to Apple. Not sure what other info to post here. How about a feature request for all apps: I would like to be able to have a setting to turn off the "stay selected" behaviour after I draw a stroke...it's a bit of an annoyance when drawing. Loving Publisher, looking forward to the release and Have a great holiday break and New Year!!
  8. I haven't seen it multiple times yet, but will continue trying to see if there's a specific trigger. As I recall, I was drawing numerous lines, and since they were always selected, I kept trying to sculpt them. Will see what I can find in terms of a consistent set of steps. thank you!
  9. Great update, thank you!! Bleed export is looking great now! And love the new document creation having all the settings upfront - so much better!! Thank you for all the great work on Publisher, this is really looking terrific!!
  10. The fixes in 139 for Bleed are looking better - great progress!!.... but the export issue remains. Bleed guides are all good in canvas now which is great, but the first and last page of the PDF export are including an extra bleed distance making the pages larger (still). Steps: 1. Facing pages document, starting on right, 4 pages. 7" x 10", All bleeds : 0.125 EXCEPT - inner bleed set to 0. 2. Export to PDF, pages not spreads, with include bleeds set off - page sizes in PDF are 7" x 10" - correct 3. Export to PDF, pages not spreads, include bleeds set to ON. page 1 and 4 are 7.25" wide (INCORRECT - should be 7.125"), pages 2 and 3 are 7.125" wide (Correct) All pages should be 7" + 0.125" outer bleed, and 0 inner bleed, regardless if they are in a spread or not.
  11. Thanks so much, Chris_K, very much appreciated!! This is the last piece of the puzzle with bleed handling as far as I can see - once this is taken care of it should resolve any issues with submitting PDFs to online print on demand services like Create Space, Lulu, etc. (Also, this is my primary need in Publisher....plenty of nice to haves I could list, but I can ditch InDesign with Bleeds/export working and the current set of tools barring any major bugs ) Thank you again, I'm incredibly impressed with Publisher and amazed with the work the team is doing - thank you so much!!
  12. dorkboycomics

    Publisher bleed question

    Yep, same with Create Space - you can use spreads for layout, but when you export to PDF you choose single pages.
  13. dorkboycomics

    Publisher bleed question

    I had reported this in another thread also, as the printer I go through has the same requirement. Beta 133 improved things a bit, but hoping to see this resolved in the not too distant future. It seems to only affect the first and last page, as the spreads print out to the right size - a workaround that might work for the time being would be to have the facing pages start on the Left side (add an extra blank page to the beginning of the book and the end so that you only end up with full spreads) - when you print to pages, remove the first and last extra pages added to the PDF to make an even number of spreads with no single pages.
  14. I'm ready to do it as a show of good faith (and the therapeutic aspects)
  15. dorkboycomics

    Bleeds in Beta 133

    The Good: PDF import handles bleeds much better! Well done! Inner Bleed and outer bleed settings make sense for facing pages. The Bad: The first and last pages of facing pages documents still show bleed outlines on both inner and outer sides when inner is set to zero - it seems to just use the outer bleed value instead of the inner bleed value of zero. This also cascades to exporting a PDF of single pages for printing. Say we have an outer bleed of 0.125" a page width of 7", and an inner bleed of 0" - our pages should export to 7.125"....this happens for all pages of the document except the first and last which are assuming the outer bleed on both sides and result in a 7.25" page width on those two. It seems that outer bleed works, but Inner bleed always assumes the Outer bleed setting....
  16. Fantastic!! Thank you so much - trying out the bleed improvements this weekend also! I'll also try the better handling of PDF bleed on import, as I had failed to report it, but noticed some placement/overlap with that. Thank you again for all of the incredible work!!
  17. Yes, .128 is the latest - it's a bit confusing because it reads like .1 compared to a .5, but is actually newer. The first one probably should have been .058 in that respect
  18. (couldn't find a bug icon ) When creating a new section in section manager, it doesn't take into account which section you have selected, and the arrow dropdown for page to start at do not work - selecting the page number with your mouse and entering the page number manually works however.
  19. Bug: The Export PDF "Include Bleed" checkbox in the main PDF export screen is out of sync with the "Include Bleed" in the more slide out window. Maybe it should just not be in "More" ?
  20. (tiny) Bug: The Export PDF "Include Bleed" checkbox in the main PDF export screen is out of sync with the "Include Bleed" in the more slide out window. Maybe it should just not be in "More" ?
  21. dorkboycomics

    Cover Spread Layout??

    I have printed several perfect bound books using CreateSpace, and I normally keep the internal pages as a single PDF, and the cover (page size *2 + spine + bleeds) as a separate PDF (oftentimes cover in Illustrator or Photoshop -now AP or AD), and do the internals in InDesign with facing pages printed out to single pages in the PDF. Not sure if that helps - I haven’t normally put the cover in the same file as the internals.
  22. I wonder if those display modes could work with the affinity split screen slider? That would be awfully nice to scrub and see one side of the spread in presentation, while working on the other side in normal working view with guides and bleed and such!
  23. Hi Affinity Team, I just wanted to post a quick note to say that you have created a pretty amazing app with Publisher. I think the passion from the community around what needs fixing and adding and what have you gets a lot of focus - I have definite interests around certain aspects such as bleed and whatnot, but taking a step back for a minute....Publisher is quite incredible. I mean I imported a print ready PDF of one of my past books created in InDesign into Publisher, and it came in perfectly with editable text, separated images, vector art and everything! I recall years back wishing I could open a PDF in InDesign, but had no way to do it - maybe there are tricks or third party apps that work with InDesign, but I was unable to....and here I am a week into the beta and already glossing over amazing functionality like this taking it for granted. Please take it as a testament to your great work, as well as your impeccable past track record with other betas of frequent and impressive updates, additions and bug fixes - in addition to this community wanting this to be an incredible first release. Thank you for all of your hard work, and for all the work going on behind the scenes while these forums rack up the posts. I'm so excited for the upcoming beta and eventual final release, Not to mention a future iPad version!! Incredible. Keep up the great work!! thanks again, -damian
  24. dorkboycomics

    Handling bleed in (split)

    Thanks for all of that info @A_B_C ! I am in a similar situation to @serge where I use Create Space, and they also require the PDF to be output to single pages....that said, I was reading in another post that support for printing to single page PDFs is coming soon So I think that may resolve this single page bleed issue causing the page size to be too large to be accepted by these printers, which would be terrific.
  25. +1 - would be nice to do all this setup in one place at the beginning.

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