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  1. I couldn't read every page and comment here but just wanted to add a voice regarding IDML support: yes please, looking forward to it! INDD would be even better but I can live with IDML. I've been hanging on with Adobe Illustrator and Indesign CS6 but could be out of luck when I have to upgrade to the next MacOS (it has to happen eventually). CS6 is super long in the tooth and feels like going in a time machine each time I open them. I still have to use photoshop and am not that upset about that but I would really like to kick everything else Adobe to the bin (I'm a photographer, formally print designer and otherwise use Capture One). I haven't read through all of the features yet but if it's not there xml import (in regards to data merging) was really important for me: but indesign was a bit convoluted in that regard. I used to build catalogs with it. Direct database link to something simple like excel would be better. Formatting xml without the right tools is a pain (I had to take excel files full of product data and turn them into xml that indesign could use and it was 100% trial and error — still easier than doing it with Illustrator was). In response to all this talk about Indesign being the industry standard — it's pretty funny to read. I remember clearly when it was all Quark and Indesign wasn't taken seriously at first. I jumped in around 2001. I remember that Quark was quite expensive by comparison at the time and some of the new features in indesign were great (transparency, opentype, PSD, etc. there was more, can't remember now), funny how things change (it was Quark taking over from Pagemaker before that too).
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