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  1. I've seen this problem before and it's happened again today so I've experimented and saved the file. When I have shapes and text with the exact same colour, the opacity slider (either in layers or in colour) doesn't affect the two objects the same. The text seems to be less opaque, unless there's nothing but empty canvas behind it. Even once the text as been converted to curves the problem remains. One way to make sure everything is the same is to use Copy/Paste Style but this isn't ideal when some objects are fills and others are strokes. Plus, I can't determine which one has the 'correct' opacity. And basically I'd like to change the opacity of objects without having to make sure none of them look different. I've checked RGB and CMYK colour values and they all seem the same, and It's an 8-bit, sRGB file so I can't think what else could be causing this. Can anyone help? I've attached a screen recording to demonstrate what's happening, and I've included the project file. Cheers, Mark example.mp4 Opacity problem 2.afdesign
  2. For this specific case I have found a less cumbersome work-around. Inkscape and Adobe Ilustrator weren't showing the symbols at all but if I do a find every instance of <use href and replace it with <use xlink:href in the SVG file then they display in those apps fine. I've yet to find a solution the szie being ignored in Affinity but at least now I can do away with the PDF method and all the icons will stay in their own groups.
  3. Ah, dang. This is exactly what already I did for the project I'm working on just now 😅. Well hopefully a simpler solution will present itself soon.
  4. Hi. Thank you for this. This was just a sample map so I don't need the files. It's the 'how' I'm more interested in. How were able to get everything the right scale?
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug or a feature request but when I import an SVG file that uses <symbol> tags Affinity seems to ignore the width and height attributes of each <use> element so all instances of the symbol are imported at the wrong size. At least with the file I'm trying to work with. I've attached an example here where you can see what's happening. Not only are the icons too big, they're all the same size (e.g. some mountain icons should be smaller than others.) The positioning seems to be off as well but I have a hard time telling if that's not just because of the size/transformation anchor point. Does anyone know of a quick fix for this? Can I reformat this SVG so that Affinity can read it properly? Cheers, Mark P.S. It would be an absolute joy if Affinity could import the symbols in an SVG file as Affinity symbols for easy editing. Roryia 2021-05-25-13-08 (imported into Affinity).afdesign Roryia 2021-05-25-13-08.svg
  6. Great, thanks. If anyone else is suffering from this issue, my work-around was to go to File > Export, set up the PDF options there and then save those as a present. You can then apply that present in the Export persona. M
  7. I'm trying to add two PDF export formats for an artboard, however the 'Convert image colour spaces' box won't stay selected. If I tick it, then go to edit another format, the tick will be gone when I return to it (see attached GIF). I've tried unticking 'Embed ICC profile' but that doesn't fix it.
  8. If I use Infer LUT and select an 8 bit, RGB TIFF file, Photo almost always crashes and disappears. It's never done this when inferring from JPEG files. I've tested this a few times with different files to try and find a pattern but I can't determine it yet. I've tried this using ZIP compression and no compression in the files but it doesn't seem to make a difference.
  9. I've since tried it in a different document and it didn't happen, but it's still happening in the attached file. Swings.afdesign
  10. Something I've noticed when using round or square caps on dash line style strokes is that when you expand the stroke, the caps at the start and end are cut off. This doesn't happen with solid line style.
  11. I've been using the new Beta all morning and everything has been working perfectly 😁
  12. Brilliant, thank you. If I encounter any more problems I will share the file where possible. EDIT: Sorry, just realised the Beta is Mac-only and I'm on Windows.
  13. Thank you. Is there any estimate on when a fix will be released? Are we talking days/weeks/months? I'm need Affinity for a lot of vector illustration at the moment and I want to know if it's worth backing up all my presets, uninstalling and putting in an earlier version (which also means I wouldn't be able to open any files edited in 1.8 presumably).
  14. Yeah, the improvements to 'expand stroke' are most welcome indeed. As for this Add issue, sometimes modifying the geometry (with new nodes in places like the overlaps or where you can easily remove them after) before using the Add operation can stop the weird shapes forming. So you can try that as a stop-gap solution for now.
  15. Since updating to 1.8 I've been having problems with the add/subtract geometry options. Sometimes it adds a lot more nodes in areas that weren't even overlapping and at other times when adding shapes some nodes get lost entirely and gives weird results. Needless to say this is a bit frustrating when building vector shapes. I've a attached screenshots of a few examples that have cropped up over the last few days when trying to add geometry. You can see shapes changing and seemingly pointless node changes.
  16. Better than than nothing, although that does mean it also copies over the text style as well, so you have to get those matching first.
  17. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a new feature of 1.7. If you draw a shape with a colour fill, and then use the text tool to put text in this shape, the fill colour stays—in previous versions it would make your shape transparent. And once it's a shape text object, I can't find any way to change or remove the colour. The only colour I can change is that of the text. I am using on Windows 10.
  18. Here you go. The app quit a few a mix brush strokes after the last save point. I'm using the DAUB watercolour brushes and could hear my CPU fan going full-on so I don't know if it's too much for my hardware (top end MS Surface Pro 4). history.afphoto [EDIT] I've been trying the exact same thing in v1.6.5 for several minutes now and it hasn't crashed so it does seem like it's something to do with v1.7.
  19. It happens for me too. A few quick brush strokes and then the whole app closed.
  20. Apologies if this feature already exists - I couldn't find it. It would be great if you could select a maximum value for a slider in a macro. Case in point, I've made a macro to add film grain, and one of the steps is a gaussian blur filter (called 'softness' in my macro - see attached). For this effect you're only going to want values like 0.1px, 0.2px... nothing over 1px. So it would be really good if the slider only went from 0px to 1px, rather than 0px to 1024px which just doesn't give the precision control needed... instead you have to type in values manually. This would be especially handy when offering macros to other people as it would save additional instructions on how to use them if you can just set a fixed range. Cheers, Mark
  21. Also it should be noted that the displace filter in Affinity doesn't behave like Photoshop/After Effects. It doesn't displace things based on luminance, but rather it seems to look for edges/areas of contrast. If you have a smooth black to white gradient as your map you'll get next to no displacement at all.
  22. I too would very much like the ability to display only in X or Y, and not just for 3D imagery. I've found it a very useful feature for creating certain effects, particularly reflections on uneven surfaces (like oceans for example).
  23. Hi, I would really like the ability to merge different objects (embedded images, curves, etc) together without them being cropped to the document/artboard size. Currently the only option is to rasterize and this cuts off anything outside the document. I can see the benefits of having it this way but it doesn't even leave enough to fill the bleed area set in the document setup. I know ideally all images should be prepared to include any extra size you need but often a lot of experimentation happens when preparing the image in the space you plan to use it in and it would be nice to be able to rasterize trimming. Kind regards, Mark
  24. I'm not holding my breath. Designer can import Illustrator AI files but cannot export that format.
  25. My next question is: do you think it will it ever be able to export to an InDesign format like it can a PSD? Unless industry standards change I need to be able to deliver editable layouts in a commonly-accepted format. PDFs won't always suffice, sadly.
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