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  1. But then the twist in the middle is not perfect, as is the top is not round.
  2. Hello, I am trying to re-create the airbnb logo, but I am currently struggling as you cannot combine shapes easily in Affinity Designer the way you can in Illustrator. Does anyone know how to re-create it properly using Designer? I am trying to do the same in Designer. Thanks.
  3. For some reason it also created a triangle shape on expand. I don't know whether that is intended or not. The bug can be replicated using a simple square shape as well.
  4. Here's a full video how to replicate the bug. Sometimes makes the app crash. Also, saved the file. If you re-open the file, the bug disappears. untitled.afdesign
  5. Also, ignore the music, I wasn't aware I recorded sound as well.
  6. Corner tool is still bugged in the latest release. Unfortunately, I didn't save the file as I rage quit. (
  7. File, not original file, but still combine is broken here too. affinity-bug-combine.afdesign
  8. I have probably found a simple fix/workaround when you need to expand stroke and combine an item into one properly. 1. Undo expand stroke on your work. 2. Group everything together. 3. Create another document with art board preferably. 4. Paste and expand stroke. 5. Combine. 6. Then you can copy/paste into your original document. P.S Devs please get this done asap. Because it's just a basic operation, which is required for pretty much anything to work properly. Video not working for some reason when uploaded here. So here's a YouTube link -
  9. So I bump this, because this exact issue is still present in
  10. Hello, I was wondering how do you create something like this in Affinity Designer? I am mostly interested in shading of the windmill and sheeps.
  11. I'm just going to leave this video here ( Beta). Just in case you don't want to watch: 1) Corners are not round on expand stroke. 2) If you want to round them with a corner tool, it becomes extremely buggy and glitchy and almost makes the app freeze. And the results are all over the place. affinity-bug.mp4
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