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  1. I can install this build without any crashes! Thanks! :)
  2. Thanks for this! I had some issue's installing the last beta, but this latest file works perfectly.
  3. Launch Publisher Installation but not Press the Button Install CTRL +Alt +Del and End of Task the "Windows Installer"´╗┐
  4. Great to hear, because it will be a pretty important option in my opinion
  5. Could you share a little bit more information about your Windows 7 version and pc? At the website I see the requirements
  6. Donation to Affinity is like donating to someone with millions of Dollars. Its a nice gesture, but I don't thing its necessary in this situation. If you wan't to donate, there are far beter options in my opinion Don't get me wrong, I support them by owning every product they have, including the books.
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    Looks very good!
  8. ZombieRofl

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Yep! Same story here (except the 40 years of experience then)
  9. ZombieRofl

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Great news! Now we just have to wait until Adobe buys Serif
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    ING Netherlands

    Was misschien ook geen slecht idee geweest. Hij staat nu al online bij het ING portal...
  11. ZombieRofl

    ING Netherlands

    Thanks man!