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  1. Hi people, I have an idea for a feature in Designer. Problem: You have a shape and you want a line swirling around it. Because a swirling line makes everything instantly 3D-ish. You make the line with a path design it adjust it copy and past it put one behind and the other in front of the shape use f.e. a mask to erase the parts of the 'front line' that should be behind the shape You working on something else and after a while you want to adjust the path. It's a lot of work to change the swirling. (This time you use the symbol feature, you should have used it from the beginning!) Next day you want to change it again, same hassle. etc. Deliberation: The swirling logic of a line around an object is in theory super simple. In most cases it goes something like: Line goes in front of object, line goes behind object, line goes in front of object, line goes behind object,... If something is as easy as this, it shouldn't be too hard to design a UI window, that let you arrange such a pattern. And if you have such an option, new complex designs would enter the realms of feasibility. Like cursive handwriting swirling around a cane. And if the UI window has the option, that the interlayer pattern of the path affect even the path itself, then even knots are possible. Or eeeven complex knot patterns ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_knot )
  2. Hm.. maybe I'll add a 'we use those tools' section on a future update of our homepage. That's actually a nice idea. Serif's getting money and young people are getting good tools. Paying once - supporting twice. Even though, I doubt that these things will have any significant longterm effect in funding Affinity. I assume, adobe didn't forced their customers into this unpleasant abo system out of greed, but because of maneuvering into the financial necessity to do so. Could have something to do with market saturation and the difficulty of improving an already very optimized tool. But I only want to clarify my first post here. I'm absolutely sure that there are people working at Affinity, that know incredible much more about finances and distribution than me. I absolutely don't want to start a discussion about internals. I just wanted to declare that I would be willing to voluntary support affinity, even it's a company in the classical sense. And that I doubt that I'm so special, that I'm the only one with such a mindset.
  3. TL;DR: I want to support affinity with a voluntary monthly tip. at least while in times when I have a reliable income Maybe you could offer something like a patreon- or steady-account Long version: Hola people, I love the affinity products. I love to pay only once for a product. And I love to support what I love, when I can. You know, I'm happy to pay monthly a little bit for my journalistic content (if the money really goes to the journalists and not to a marketing department, a printing house, or something anachronistic stuff) or other services. I also like to support open source and non-profit-organizations, when I think they make the world a better place. As long as it's voluntary. In the past I often thought about how much I like affinitys products and that I really profit from them. And that I'm grateful that affinitys old-school affordable pricing model made it possible for me to get into a creative professional field. I feel the need for help preserving this kind of pricing model long term, so that other people around the globe and in the future got the same opportunities like me. For example, so many people in the USA struggle with their student loans, when in the same time, people build careers out of the 55 € program on their older sisters mac and some YouTube Tutorials. So many parents complaining about the school systems, while I see their children sitting in their rooms and becoming professional 2D or 3D artists just for fun. No one can stop the world from changing, but everyone, regardless of whether aware or not, is influencing the direction of the change. Imho more and more people are starting to think in this kind of mindset. If you would offer a way to support you on a voluntary way, I would be happy to support you as long as I can afford a little bit altruism. ♥︎F
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