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  1. Mitsurugi

    GREP find/replace

    Same here - I'm trying out this new soft, and so far GREP is the only one thing that I miss. Situation is quite similiar for publishing in polish. You have to put non breaking space on some stand alone characters, so they will be pushed into the new line. Would love to see this feature in Publisher :).
  2. Well Im trying to install it actually, so yes I tried to install it with administrator rights :).
  3. Still no idea, why I cant run the installer.
  4. Aero is on, I tried with turning off all the composition, still nothing. I add a screen with the pop-out. After that nothing happens. specs: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 CPU: i7 - 4770 RAM: 16GB GPU: GF 650 GTX
  5. I'm unable to run it on Windows 7. I run it with administrator priviliges, and it shows that the program stopped working :(.

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