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    Filled out texts columns

    I think the algorithm for hyphenation/justification needs improvement. The hyphenation is also very often buggy, especially in Bulgarian. The dictionary I use is the same I use in LibreOffice and in InDesign, and it works as it should. This is a serious problem for Bulgarian language, because we have a lot long words, and putting soft hyphens manually is not an option for a long texts. Also, the Justification pallete seems not to work as it should - you can see there is no problem to set the desired value to be less than minimum, and the maximum to be less than desired, and this simply should not be allowed. Changing the values also have a little impact to the justification at all, it seems like the algorithm ignores the values.
  2. It is very important to have a nice multi language support. If not for the interface, the dictionary support for as many languages as possible is critical. As I live in Bulgaria, we use Cyrillic, and the support for the Opentype subsets and other options is really important, if you want to produce a high quality documents. For me, the language support in Designer and Photo is a bit limited for non latin based languages, especially for Cyrillic. And the Cyrillic itself has a variations, e.g. Bulgarian is not the same as Russian, or Serbian and Macedonian. I can live with this in these programs, but for Publisher it will be a deal breaker.