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  1. This is getting out of hand! All I said was that it is very unfortunate that V2 has no support for RTL and complex script. Why would that offend anyone? Why do I need a different thread? You don't like my posts then don't read them! Yikes!
  2. Sorry. But I don't believe You OWN the thread. And if there's any hijaking it's your attempt to stop me from posting. Won't work. Scroll back up. Others share my opinion about the missing features.
  3. Still puzzled by those offended by complaints and doing their best to defend Serif! People: Stop hijacking others' right to voice their opinion and complaints! This forum is not meant for niceties only. Complaints ARE permitted! It is quite natural to wonder why after EIGHET YEARS the supposed "technical difficulties" and "priorities" and "small team" are still cited as the reasons that are preventing the implementation of huge features like RTL and CS! The same reasons were being cited all that time.
  4. I'd love to be positive about this, I'd really love to. But when you have been clamoring about RTL support since 2014 and you keep getting shunned it's hard not to feel marginalized. FWIW, after this release I renewed my Adobe CC subscription which expires in 5 weeks. I honestly was hoping I wouldn't need to, but it's getting less and less likely that they'll support RTL and complex script at all. There maybe some who wonder why all the disappointment but I hope they understand that lack of RTL and CS support is a deal breaker for others.
  5. πŸ˜† I can't help being amused by the way some people feel obliged to berate others for expressing their opinion about a product.
  6. So, all those brushes, vectors, filters, layers, meshes, tools, and engines they have already included are a cakewalk by comparison... OK, gotcha...
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yes I understand that it is demanding from a technical point of view, but (sheesh!) Affinity Designer has been out for eight years now! If free stuff like Inkscape and Scribus can support RTL and complex script why can't Affinity?? Personally, I'd like to know whether it is in the pipeline or not at all. For the time being, good ol' Inkscape will have to soldier on for me...
  8. There's nothing "faux" about what I said or how I said it. And the last thing I need after this disappointment is some useless trolling...
  9. All the usual bells and whistles and still NO RTL OR COMPLEX SCRIPT SUPPORT!!! Just unbelievable! To be honest, this is bordering on being disrespectful! We've been asking for it since 2014! Is it THAT much of a technical issue?! Or is it THAT low on the list of priorities?! Either way, I (as I'm sure many others) feel utterly deflated by this release...
  10. It's been seven years since the initial release of their software. I think it's safe to assume they'll never support complex script or RTL text. Even if they do waaay into the future it might not be relevant anymore. Just stick to Adobe Creative Cloud, folks. It's getting better and more cost effective. Or use some of the wonderful open source stuff. The latest releases of Inkscape and Scibus are amazing.
  11. It doesn't seem they'll ever support complex and RTL languages. I'd say just stick to Adobe Creative Cloud.
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