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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. Is the pack, or will the pack be sold in the store? Thanks
  2. Hi, With this post I would like to ask a question. Many of us are searching for the luminance brushes pack, demonstrated in the awesome Affinity annual live event earlier this week. It seems it was a limited time free offer which is no longer valid. However, I noticed the "180 smoke and cloud brushes" in the store. (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/store/product/180-smoke-and-cloud-brushes/) Is it the same pack? Does this pack contain the luminance brushes for the desktop version? Thanks
  3. tmmls


    Please add scripting support. Applescript would be nice but Javascript is even better because it can be used on both platforms. Please consider implementing the Ecmascript 2018 specs...
  4. Please add an Indesign import feature. This is very important if you want people to migrate from Indesign to Publisher ...
  5. It would be very usefull for print designers if these features should be added. Many thanx in advance.
  6. Hi, Please allow user to update the applications from within the application. Forcing users to manualy remove old versions, and downloading and reinstalling the software is not user friendly. Thanx
  7. I agree with Mike. It would be more user friendly if it's located in the File menu.
  8. Hi, With this post I would like to submit a bug / feature request. Is there no file "revert" menu option ? This could be very usefull... Thanx
  9. Hi, With this post I would like to report a bug / feature request. When exporting an image, there is no live preview. Is this a bug ? This is very usefull. I use this all the time in Adobe Ph. Thanx
  10. Hi, Does anyone know where to locate the overprint and / or color separation preview options ? Thanx