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  1. Was referring to the screen size actually. As for hard drives, this computer (2015 15" Retina MacBook Pro) sports a 1 TB NVMe drive & adaptor and cost me £110 - put it in a few days ago. Exorbitant prices for SSD - you betcha, that coupled with actively making it difficult, nay, nigh on impossible for users to upgrade their machines. Enough Apple bashing, it's fair to say I DO like cider.
  2. I'm on a 15" MacBook Pro Retina and the version DOES appear to be there BUT it's so feint it's difficult to see. Why not place it in high contrast under the 'Photo' box where it would be clear. Bear in mind this image is about three times larger than upon accessing About on the menu.
  3. On my Mac, the splash screen is not showing the current version, or if it is, it's tiny.
  4. Surely then a script could be written to unload the 'bloat' after installation? Or could we not elect the installer to fit our platform?
  5. I understand the need to cover both the Intel and the M series of Macs, but could there be a simple (hopefully) algorithm or script to strip out the 'unnecessary' install within each application? Macs are notoriously short of real estate and these apps are now HUGE.
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