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[ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance

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Almost made a new topic for this one.

Really hope this will become possible, and rather sooner than later.  :)


Thought of this again because the export to eps wasn't working and I thought it was the stroke width variations, so I was going to convert them all to shapes / expand.

Found out that I had to click them all, one by one, was looking for a major time saver like: Select all: Stroke / color / etc. 


This and the way you edit the strokes is pretty high on my list...

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Just to get it right: there is no way right now to select fills and contour lines by color or stroke?? Either with search like in Freehand or by select as? It's a must have feature wich I really depend on! And I guess there is a reason why most apps have something like that..

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  • Staff

Hi MarkEwi,

No, not yet. The latest Beta introduced several new features that were already planned too (some still being worked/developed for the next Beta) and there wasn't yet time to start working on this one. The development team is relatively small so those things take time, but we will get there.

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I think they want to come up with something special because I think " Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance" would probably be like 10 lines of code  :blink:


Exactly. It’s something I could code myself and I am bad at programming :D

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I really hope that this gets implemented soon!

The smart selection options in Illustrator are easily the biggest time saving features that I depend on in my regular architecture workflow. Not even just time saving, but totally enabling. Without better selection tools, many of my documents will have to be handled by Illustrator because it is effectively impossible to handle dense and varied vector information efficiently in Designer.

I want to love Affinity Designer, but simply can't until the selection options are far more robust. Once this happens, I will covert all my designer friends. 

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This is another oft-overlooked but important one for me, way ahead of fancy features like gradient fill meshes. Here's my two cents on what could be a really cool Affinity spin on the feature:


Imagine, instead of  just selecting the same fill or stroke, you had a slider where you could "fuzzy select" similar objects. So you move the slider up a bit, and now you get those other objects where you used a slightly different shade of blue, or the ones that have a 1.85 point stroke instead of just the 1.5 point stroke on your selected object.

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Ah, that Freehand example at the beginning of this thread! It reminds me of how much I lost when Adobe killed FreeHand.


Affinity has done a marvelous job at creating their apps from scratch, not as a mere clone of Adobe's offerings. The new workflow paradigms are one of the best features of Designer and Photo. But as is apparent in this thread, there are certain functions that need to be brought in to the programs in order to be fully competitive.


I came to Affinity (and am loving it) after abandoning Adobe over the whole "rental" model. But my favorite illustration program was always Freehand, not Illustrator. All these years after acquiring and killing Freehand, Adobe still has not added many of the features to Illustrator that Freehand had. There are still things that are impossible, or at least incredibly difficult to do in Illustrator that were a cinch in Freehand. 


Please, development team, do not merely look to Illustrator for inspiration; take a good look at Freehand. You will discover many tools and techniques that, if brought in and given your unique polish, would give Designer a clear advantage over Illustrator.


I am also incredibly pleased to hear that integration with the Astute Graphics tools is at least being contemplated....

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