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  1. +1 for this feature! I have a hard time creating pixel perfect aligned artboards.
  2. I found out about this topic looking for an already made request about multiple selection of rectangles but with the round percentage option available.
  3. Hi! Thanks for the support, Affinity is a great piece of software!
  4. Is it possible to edit a compound mask once it has been assigned as a mask? I find it a bit of a pain that when I asign a path as a mask, I loose the ability to select each path as it is displayed when the layer is not asigned as a mask.
  5. +1 I agree scaling groups of nodes is an important feature, also when handling things in symmetry.
  6. This would be a very nice addition to Affinity. EDIT: To this day, there is already a menu that does this. Sorry for the inconvencience, this is the first thread that appeared on my Google search. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/11763-updating-font-list/&p=50520
  7. THIS, I have also thought about this, and will totally take your trick haha, maybe a Rotation Mode checkbox? Kind of like when you pick a gizmo orientation to local or global in a 3D software?
  8. I later realized that it does come from the pixel alignment which wasn't visible since I was viewing it as vector art. Thanks for your response!
  9. Export shortcut would be a killer shorcut!
  10. I so agree to this post, it is one of the things that gave me quite a shock while using affinity.
  11. Hello, I've been trying to understand the following issue: When creating the slice, I would like the slice to follow the bounding box of the paths I've selected. Instead, I seem to get some extra space. Am I doing something wrong maybe? I have checked and there are no "extra paths" that i'm not seeing due to their appearance, etc. I attach a screenshot in which you can see at the left and bottom sides of the slice, the space I'm talking about. Thanks for your further answers!
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