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  1. Sure, so I think they would look less ugly if they were properly deleted so maybe that is what you can agree on as well
  2. so please consult the team during office hours if it is indeed impossible to "automatically" remove contend as this is actually tedious for me to do for 3000 posts. facebook/ google has an option to do this so I'd appreciate if there was an option for you to do the same I'm actually seriously done with this forum and the company
  3. is there a way to delete an account an it's content together? if so, and only if please delete all information/ posts associated with this account and then delete the the account itself if not, please do not as I wish to keep control over the things I write on the internet. thanks
  4. anon1

    More efficient mask usage

    Linked layers are dead
  5. I was just going through some macros I created in the 1.5 version and they now reappeared but nearly all of them are broken. They involved grouping or nesting and this just does not work anymore I attached one thing I tried to reassemble but it does not render correctly now, attached is the document the broken macros are those I send you 16. January 2017 because they would not open. I may just accept that they are broken and re record them as soon as you fixed the macro stuff/ added some more options for grouping, selecting, stop/go but this rendering bug should probably be fixed anyway cheers
  6. you can take a look here to get a general idea of how different configs tend to perform
  7. there are many very good suggestions and references (since years) to well established other software solutions and yeah...can only agree extra colors in the levels/ channels would not make much sense as they represent the color channels of the respective color format you may like this professional writeup about it, really helped me: cheers
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    Blending skin tones

    sorry I pasted the wrong link here you go cheers