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  1. Adobe only seems to innovate when they have stiff competition. (Except for innovating new ways to continually suck money out of our wallets for mere maintenance releases.) Usually they purchase the competition and then stop improving their own program once the competition is gone. Case in point: Freehand. While it ran neck and neck with Illustrator, both programs saw continual improvement. Once they had it in their grasp, it was killed and Illustrator became pretty stagnant. There are still feature that Freehand had that have never been brought into Illustrator. That's what makes Affinity so exciting. Its the first true competition Adobe has faced in some time. Hopefully they can resist the siren song of Adobe's acquisition lawyers....
  2. Ah, that Freehand example at the beginning of this thread! It reminds me of how much I lost when Adobe killed FreeHand. Affinity has done a marvelous job at creating their apps from scratch, not as a mere clone of Adobe's offerings. The new workflow paradigms are one of the best features of Designer and Photo. But as is apparent in this thread, there are certain functions that need to be brought in to the programs in order to be fully competitive. I came to Affinity (and am loving it) after abandoning Adobe over the whole "rental" model. But my favorite illustration program was always Freehand, not Illustrator. All these years after acquiring and killing Freehand, Adobe still has not added many of the features to Illustrator that Freehand had. There are still things that are impossible, or at least incredibly difficult to do in Illustrator that were a cinch in Freehand. Please, development team, do not merely look to Illustrator for inspiration; take a good look at Freehand. You will discover many tools and techniques that, if brought in and given your unique polish, would give Designer a clear advantage over Illustrator. I am also incredibly pleased to hear that integration with the Astute Graphics tools is at least being contemplated....

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