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  1. Hi @EmT thanks for reply. I have upload one of the files to the dropbox mentioned above. Problem description: I can open the file. Then I am prompted about the missing resource. WHatever I do, the end is the same: Publisher crashes shortly after opening the file. Additional informations: Currently I am running Publisher 1.10.5 on Mac OS Monterey 12.4 Unfortunatelly I do not track the app versions for each file. But the file was created in 2019, last update was on 2020. My Affinity products ar always uptodate, so it should be easier to tell what was the version. the file is saved on external SSD harddrive connected trought the USB3 the file uses google fonts, some local fonts bought from Suitecase foundry. the file reuses some other afdesign or afpub files If You need any more info, just let me know and thanks for your work.
  2. Hi there, I have file created in previous version of Publisher. When opened in current version, Publisher crashes in few seconds. I would like to send it to developers to fix the bug causing this. Is there any general dropbox link we can upload such files? Or I need to open extra ticket for each file? I do not want to post file here as it might quite big or it might contain pieces of licenced work etc.
  3. I have the same problem - Affinity Publisher (up-to-date on Mojave) crash when opening older files. The worst is that AP opens the files on every start and then crash… so I am not able to open Affinity Publisher 😞
  4. I have found a lot of topics about slow export, but I am experiencing extremely slow PDF export dialog window (not the export itself): Changing whatever export option takes… a lot of time (click bleed… 30seconds wheel spin, open more… another 30sec, etc.). To set export takes few minutes. The export itself is quite OK. I have MB Pro 2017 i7 16GB. Anyone is experiencing the same?
  5. It seems that object on current page is not blending with master page objects. I have the background color on master page (rectangle covering whole page). And on current page I have placed image/photo with blend mode set to Darker color. Blending results in white space, as the object on master page is ignored. Copying the object from master page to current page solved the issue, blends work normaly when the image and backround together. Shouldn't this work even with the master page's object?
  6. Sadly even Affinity Designer file linked in Publisher's document import spot colours defined in AD and change them to CMYK breakdown (and they output as CMYK on PDF export). So it's not just the EPS import what needs massive improvements. Some info from Serif about this?
  7. I lost track about this, but it seems to work now (1.9.1).
  8. By editing the table I mean the editing of table content, not the table itself. I had to make this clear, sorry. I undestand that to adjust table itslef (number of rows etc.) I need to edit master (linked or detached). But to edit the table's content I am not supposed to edit it detached from master, am I? So: copying, editing of table cells content is not working as I would expect.
  9. When tables is defined on master page, the table edit doesn't work completely as should on „child“ page. It is not possible to work with multiple cells – delete, copy, paste them on next table. It is working on master page itself. To me, this seems to be more a bug then feature request, but who knows ;–)
  10. AP 1.9: I have calendarium in styled in table. And the month name in text frame above it. Select the table and the text frame… Press CMD + G to group tham together and table becomes a art master piece 🙂
  11. I don't have previous version in backup. Is there any link for 1.8.6 version? Thanks
  12. Setting constrains on master pages kills the app immediately. MyConf: BigSur, Affinity Publisher 1.9 Steps to recreate: 1) new document - web 1680x1050 2) go to masterpage 3) draw a rectangle 4) keep rectangle selected 5) go to Constrains palette 6) click on inside horizontal arrowed line 4) click on inside vertical arrowed line – the app's crash. Actually it seem any second click (in constrain pallete) kills the app, while setting constrains on master page. But have no time to do all the testing for You. This is supposed to be stable version 😕
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