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  1. By editing the table I mean the editing of table content, not the table itself. I had to make this clear, sorry. I undestand that to adjust table itslef (number of rows etc.) I need to edit master (linked or detached). But to edit the table's content I am not supposed to edit it detached from master, am I? So: copying, editing of table cells content is not working as I would expect.
  2. When tables is defined on master page, the table edit doesn't work completely as should on „child“ page. It is not possible to work with multiple cells – delete, copy, paste them on next table. It is working on master page itself. To me, this seems to be more a bug then feature request, but who knows ;–)
  3. AP 1.9: I have calendarium in styled in table. And the month name in text frame above it. Select the table and the text frame… Press CMD + G to group tham together and table becomes a art master piece 🙂
  4. I don't have previous version in backup. Is there any link for 1.8.6 version? Thanks
  5. Setting constrains on master pages kills the app immediately. MyConf: BigSur, Affinity Publisher 1.9 Steps to recreate: 1) new document - web 1680x1050 2) go to masterpage 3) draw a rectangle 4) keep rectangle selected 5) go to Constrains palette 6) click on inside horizontal arrowed line 4) click on inside vertical arrowed line – the app's crash. Actually it seem any second click (in constrain pallete) kills the app, while setting constrains on master page. But have no time to do all the testing for You. This is supposed to be stable version 😕
  6. Thanks for info. Is there any trick which would allow me to open the file so I can continue with my work?
  7. Files uploaded. Good luck… (I would eventualy need to continue to work with them)
  8. Publisher 1.9 / just updated / opens most of my files saved in publisher 1.8.X. Except one, AFAIK. Crash report attached. If the file would be helpfull, just let me know where to send it. publisher_scrash_report.rtf
  9. Nothing happened so far. Checkboard is still there. Any alternatives to this plugin? (which works in Affinity)
  10. OK, here is the file Yuu can try: there is only one box on the page left. Select the box. try to change the constrains. It crash the app. The bug is related to text frame in the group: when I erase all the text and replace it with filler text, than I can change the group constrains. test-file.afpub
  11. Changing constrains on group kills the app. Sometimes. My scenario: I have web design page. I want to page blocks (groups of objects) keep the size and keep the distance from the top of the page (so I could resize the page). On some groups, setting this kills the app. If You are nto able to replicate, I might send some files.
  12. Here You go. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zur1idfddwcmfis/booleanops-shapes-affinity-bug.afdesign?dl=0 No problem to recreate… btw.: I am not able to upload affinity file here
  13. The bug is not related only to shapes, which were rotated. But also to skewed/tilted and shapes created from rectangle, than converted to curve and adjusted with node tool (with no rotation applied). Hopefully this would be fixed soon 😞
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