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  1. Nothing happened so far. Checkboard is still there. Any alternatives to this plugin? (which works in Affinity)
  2. OK, here is the file Yuu can try: there is only one box on the page left. Select the box. try to change the constrains. It crash the app. The bug is related to text frame in the group: when I erase all the text and replace it with filler text, than I can change the group constrains. test-file.afpub
  3. Changing constrains on group kills the app. Sometimes. My scenario: I have web design page. I want to page blocks (groups of objects) keep the size and keep the distance from the top of the page (so I could resize the page). On some groups, setting this kills the app. If You are nto able to replicate, I might send some files.
  4. Here You go. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zur1idfddwcmfis/booleanops-shapes-affinity-bug.afdesign?dl=0 No problem to recreate… btw.: I am not able to upload affinity file here
  5. The bug is not related only to shapes, which were rotated. But also to skewed/tilted and shapes created from rectangle, than converted to curve and adjusted with node tool (with no rotation applied). Hopefully this would be fixed soon 😞
  6. And that is still true. I really wish this would got more attention. I still keep all longer text projects in Indesign CS6 as it has much better paragraph composing results with much less effort. +1
  7. Better option to resize multiple spreads is to use Spread setup button in toolbar: This way, You are able to choose if You want to work with Curent/All/Selected spreads. Right click Spread properties doesn't allow this. However, spread resizing is quite unreliable: I have experienced all pages content loss. Resizing of text frame on master page on 300 pages book is almost impossible - it is so slow…
  8. We hear a lot about plugins for Affinity Photo. But what about plugins for Designer – any plans? Third party plugins might bring desired functions, like https://astutegraphics.com for Illustrator…
  9. Thanks for point this out, I would miss that otherwise! However, the columns might be set symmetrically only right now, is that correct?
  10. I have recently tried to work with long text (book), +300 pages in Publisher. Until we have some serious tools to correct text (prepositions, smart quotes, GREP etc.) I decided to do some of that work using find & replace. But that works really slow. I mean really slow. I tried the same in INDD CS6 (and Pages) and those apps made the find & replace almost instantly on the same text (yes, long one). Not really bug, but Find & Replace in Publisher need some tuning I guess Thanks for fast implementation of replacing something with „nothing“ in the latest beta. It is really helpfull.
  11. +1 for this. I have also tried to replace one-letter prepositions manually (find and replace SPACE+'i'+SPACE replace with SPACE+'i'+NON-BREAKABLE SPACE…) just to try it. It takes years to replace all findings in book long text. It should work faster. Otherwise very excited about Publisher so far.
  12. As a number of Studio panels grows, I would appreciate the possibility to organize those in two column layout. I guess this was already suggested in Designers forums. But with Publisher the need grows
  13. Is there a way to create tint from Global Color? So changing global color would affect all tints used? (I know I can use opacity in some cases, that works for shapes) And could this be aplied in text style? Originally, I was trying to have two text styles based on one swatch, both with different color density. That lead me to the global color tints… Thanks
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