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  1. As a number of Studio panels grows, I would appreciate the possibility to organize those in two column layout. I guess this was already suggested in Designers forums. But with Publisher the need grows
  2. Is there a way to create tint from Global Color? So changing global color would affect all tints used? (I know I can use opacity in some cases, that works for shapes) And could this be aplied in text style? Originally, I was trying to have two text styles based on one swatch, both with different color density. That lead me to the global color tints… Thanks
  3. Clicking „Edit Guides“ button in toolbar does nothing. The button is still on. I asume that this switch off this button, it would lock the guides? „Edit Ruler Origin“ next to it works.
  4. Plus one for this. Draging and moving columns & rows would be handy as well :-)
  5. I believe the initial question was about own assets and their availability trought the suite. Not about included assets. But You have got the poin, I wasn't clear enoug: Created assets are available in between MAS programs, not within betas.
  6. I assume Assets will be available in MAS versions. Meanwhile thanks @R C-R for the trick.
  7. lexislav


    Thanks for tip. Tried on macOS with czech language, not succesfull. EDIT: after few restarts, it's working now. But hyphneation really really need some aditional work as mentioned already.
  8. Absence of this feature keeps my Illustrator CS6 still alive :-) Simplify curve is quite important. I can only hope that Serif's developers know that too.
  9. lexislav

    Blurred object render bug

    Combined blur effects on object shows unwanted rectangular areas on the edge of artboard. Screenshot and source file attached. xport to PNG exports with the bug, export to PDF seems to be ok. affinity blur render bug.afdesign
  10. lexislav

    100pt stroke/line with pressure end-point bug

    Glad to hear that. Thanks.
  11. lexislav

    100pt stroke/line with pressure end-point bug

    Uhhm, You are correct. Couldn't find it. Important is that it is logged… And eventually get fixed.
  12. I have just experienced this in latest Designer (1.6 appstore release): When pressure used on line/stroke, the endpoint is rendered wrong (see file attached) Expand stroke corrects the problem (second screenshot).
  13. Thanks. Maybe Serif will add some nice feature to simplify brush management (and other tools) for Affinity suite. One day :-)
  14. Is there some simple way to keep synchronized brushes between apps? Like sharing same brushes folder or something? Thanks for any ideas.