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  1. lexislav

    Blurred object render bug

    Combined blur effects on object shows unwanted rectangular areas on the edge of artboard. Screenshot and source file attached. xport to PNG exports with the bug, export to PDF seems to be ok. affinity blur render bug.afdesign
  2. lexislav

    100pt stroke/line with pressure end-point bug

    Glad to hear that. Thanks.
  3. lexislav

    100pt stroke/line with pressure end-point bug

    Uhhm, You are correct. Couldn't find it. Important is that it is logged… And eventually get fixed.
  4. I have just experienced this in latest Designer (1.6 appstore release): When pressure used on line/stroke, the endpoint is rendered wrong (see file attached) Expand stroke corrects the problem (second screenshot).
  5. Thanks. Maybe Serif will add some nice feature to simplify brush management (and other tools) for Affinity suite. One day :-)
  6. Is there some simple way to keep synchronized brushes between apps? Like sharing same brushes folder or something? Thanks for any ideas.
  7. lexislav

    Bleed help

    Hi Paulm, another workaround is to move the layers (background) behind the artboard (outside the artboard group) – then those layers would become visible in the bleed area / outside artboad. Before printing or exporting you need to move those objects back to artboard group. But You don't need to create Your crop marks etc. However, none of this solutions is perfect… Rasterizeds object will still be cropped on that artboard :-/ (exporting could be buggy so the rasterization is must for print)
  8. Thanks for Your updates. I would like to ask about the fixes priorities: there are bugs for more then Year… reported… not fixed… like this one (and I could go on) I know this kind of bugs won't crash App from running… But It may „crash“ the user from being sane :-) In this case, see it every single day when creating new file… it's really annoying. Could You please add some timeout for not-important fixes and improvements to Your workflow? To prefer them? They may not be important to You, from developers point of view, but such fixes can keep Yours users happy and healthy… Keep us believe that You still listen to Your users… and that is something :-) Thank You
  9. And that is realy something Rasterize should not do. Exactly. We need whole layer be kept when rasterized (including areas out of canvas). This should be definitely renamed to rasterize & Trim to canvas or something.
  10. lexislav

    Designer 1.6 Beta – when?

    Correct! We will soon be dry and asking when again and again :-) (Perhaps not until the next Easter)
  11. I have found this question marked as dead, but is not dead for me (and anyone trying to use AD for press) Exporting single artboard with bleed works. But in tutorials of AD is suggested to create a design using multiple artboards, like the tri-fold leaflet. (the "Artboards: Exporting and Printing" tutorial, Bookcover tutorial) By tutorial, I should group them and the make a slice for the group and then export it as single page. But I am not be able to include a bleed at all, whatever I try. (and I was hoping for other benefits of this attitude as between artboards cropmarks to mark folding etc. :-/) Is there any workaround? Is there any way to export multiple artboards as a single page and keep the bleed? Or the autor of tutorial… maybe… never actually print anything :-) ? In that case I suggest to remake those tutorials or delete them as they may be quite missleading. Any suggestions would be very, vere, very much appreciated, thank you.
  12. Thanks for tutorial, I am familiar with DPI concept. Maybe I got it all wrong… but rectangle 300px x 300px should get exported as rectangle 300px x 300px, especialy as vector PDF. Not as 150px x 150px DPI should not get involved untill it is rastered or printed…
  13. Hi, I am just currious if this is bug or unexpected by design. I am currently designing app with icons. Those iccons has 24 x 12 px. Document is setup for retina display (144DPI). When I use export persona and create 24x12px slide on the icon, export it to PDF or PNG, it results to file with 12 x 6 px dimensions. Well, ok… I would expect original 24 x 12 px slice dimensions with proper DPI setting. When document settings is set to 72DPI, slice is exported as expected - 24 x 12px. When document setting is other than those DPI values (for example 300DPI, 108DPI etc.) I am getting blank images or something blurred… I don't see to much logic in this behaviour, but You may have some explination and advice how to get correct file size even for other then 72DPI documents? Thanks
  14. Well…thanks for explication, I got it. So, In printing dialog, there should be a option to „print artboards on separate pages“ and print them as „Entire document“. Such explication would make much more sence :-) Hope to see it in 1.6 ;-)
  15. When printing on A3 printer, I can print single A3 artboard to A3 pages. But when try to print multiple artboards with „entire document“ setting, the artboards are split between more pages. See attached animated gif (it needs to be downloaded to show animation I guess): The first page is fine, the bug starts on second one. All artboards are set to A3 and printed to A3 page size. Maybe buggy on other formats too, haven't tried.