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  1. I think the visual look in Affinity is pretty cool - but sadly the noise effect looks not half as strong if you print it out. One Thing I just found out is: The noise effect seems to be rendered according to the page size, i.e. the effect is stronger if the print size is 1:1.. If I print an a1 format scaled to a4 the effect is less, if I rescale the size to a4 the effect is stronger...
  2. Hello, I worked on a poster a lot with the noise effect in Affinty Designer. Now the file has to go to the print house, but all my export efforts (Pdf, Jpg, Tiff) turn out that the noise effect is almost cleaned out.. Is there any way to get the noise stronger in the export?? Thanks for any help!
  3. Cool, is there any way to use these pixel brushes on vector lines in designer? Like converting it into pixel-layer with the lines beeing rendered in pixel-brushes?
  4. ok, thanks for your answer! I just bought Affinity Designer more because I like the potential it has... But not having features likes that makes it unusable in working-production. Maybe you should add something like that before adding other new cool features ;)
  5. Just to get it right: there is no way right now to select fills and contour lines by color or stroke?? Either with search like in Freehand or by select as? It's a must have feature wich I really depend on! And I guess there is a reason why most apps have something like that..
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