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  1. This is great!!! go on !!! :)))
  2. Hi. 1. - I use AD to make some precise working (technical). When moving an object (horizontal or vertical) with the arrow keys (keyboard) it moves 1px every time. Sometimes that's too slow, so it's a good thing to hold Shift button at the same time to move that selected object 10px at once. What I would like it's being able to move it 0,1 px, which is the precision by the fault (I think) in AD. It's or it will be possible to have that somehow by holding another key? 2.- It's possible using the arrow keys (up & down) to navigate through the layers panel without moving the objects contained on that layers? Maybe would be useful holding a key at the same time that let do that. For me would be a good thing, it's a quick way to check al the layers when working with a lot of them. Thanks for this GREAT software!!!
  3. Raskolnikov

    Grouping of fonts.

    Agree with that!! and besides, being able to hide (only in the app) some of the fonts that are installed on the system.
  4. Thanks R C-C! Will it be possible with Affinity Publisher to create and fill forms? I mean. Creating such a thing with check boxes, other boxes to choose options on a drop down menu (similar to the one on the image), editable text that can't be moved of changed in size/color ... etc. Would be great to create a form in AP and export it to PDF just to fill it easily every time.
  5. What does Publisher could do? I mean, not exactly but... more or less, what's the point with that app? (just don't know...)
  6. Well I think i have descovered... there is a button (don't know the name in english... and that fix the cornes. the only thing is that it doesn't look reversible... once is done, is done...
  7. When creating a document palette, I imagine that all those colors are the ones that are applied in the document. but.... 1.- Are there too those who WHERE applied in the history of that document? 2.- Can I select the objects by its colors? i mean... if I find several tones of blue or grey (very very similar, look at the image) ... how can I know which color is applied to which element/s? 3.- If I import or copy an element from another file, it doesn't add the colors of that element to the palette. Can that behavior be changed? These questions are just in order to clean unused colors actually in the document... and changing the colors I don't want any element of the document to have.
  8. Can somebody tell me how to scale proportionally when using the corner mode? (with the strokes is easy) (on the image, what happends now.... and I want to avoid while transforming the size of that fence)
  9. Raskolnikov

    Moving objects with arrow keys.

    Let's wait to the next update
  10. Raskolnikov

    Moving objects with arrow keys.

    It doen't work for me.
  11. Raskolnikov

    Moving objects with arrow keys.

    Thanks so much, it's exactly what I wanted to! I would like to that that possibility too!
  12. What would be the best and easiest way to make the left shape looks like the right shape? Making the nodes having the same curve on both sides.
  13. Well, with "regular" shape. I meant, parallel sides or symmetryc nodes, handles... etc.
  14. Yes, the pen tool creates a new node, that can be a lot of work if you have to create one by one , all the nodes of a complex shape. Looking forward for the next update!
  15. It's a great trick that one!! thanks... Although would it better to have that possibility while using the node tool. Now it lefts to me to know how to make the lenght of those arrows the same. Would be useful to have any magnitude measure while use them. To make them symmetrical on 2 (elipse) or 4 sides (circle).
  16. Great! glad to know it!! Thanks for the answer.
  17. I Have arrive to this point. there is any how to make it those arrows (exactly) horizontal and vertical?
  18. I will continue experimenting with what you have explain me. Thanks!
  19. You're right, strokes. but I would need them to be not strokes of a line, but 2 parallel lines. Anyway i can still live without it (at the moment... haha)
  20. I would like to know how to create a form, with a certain width... that you can modelate (curve) like an spaghetti... keeping their sides parallel. This is a very useful thing... for thousends of cases!! To draw, for example... pipes.
  21. I can change the grid color but not the Axis colors (guide's color) ... I can't find where to do it.