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  1. Yeah, right, since we are paying customers. *looks at thread life* - Sure ok, I guess we can take your word for it Is this feature being discussed next, Yes or No?
  2. Thank you for the follow up, better late than never. Will some fixes for symbols be in the next update?
  3. I am having continuous inconsistent buggy behavior when it comes to symbol behavior. These issues have been there since launch, some files I work on have no problems, the current file has tons. Sometimes the sync option work for symbols and sometimes it does not. When I create an object in a symbol (sync off) designer creates multiple copies of that object in a symbol. I am getting frequent crashes (probably due to the last problem mentioned). When I copy symbols it sometimes comes out as a (Layer) or a (Symbol) in the layers panel. I never know if the symbol will be able to be edited from it's instance or if it's just a detached layer. I have included the file I am currently working on. Full-Lineup.afdesign
  4. I am not sure if this topic has already been brought up but I lost a good bit of work after accidentally click the X up top near the toolbar on one of my files. When the Close Document prompt came up to make sure I wanted to save/close the document, I clicked the X thinking it would cancel the close action and the file closed. This doesn't seem right to me. Just about every program I can remember cancels the closing of the document by hitting "Cancel", or"X".
  5. Hi Chris, After playing with it some more I can see how it can be intended. I would like to refer to another thread that brought me to post this bug : Here. Although the way the boundaries behave with assets is by design, I would still argue that we need an option to reset boundaries for where it is needed in the workflow. Thank you.
  6. In this simple example attached, I have pulled an asset into my artboard and made a rotation. Even with a circular asset the rotation no longer accurately shows the dimensions. I found work around by un-grouping and re-grouping the objects, but I don't feel like this complements the workflow.
  7. While I whole heartily appreciate a current accessibility of the bounding box to easily be able to go back and edit the shape (fantastic feature), a permanent reset or an actual toggle mode is a huge request. Please and Thank you.
  8. \Affinty\Photo\1.0\Settings\Tools.xml Mark, I presume I should be looking inside Designer instead of Photo in the APPDATA. In that case, you are spot on. The un-docked tools decided to jump away by -31685 x -31838 pixels. All is back to normal. Thank you. Undocked_Tools.xml
  9. Hi team, After installing the new update I can no longer un-dock my tools without them disappearing. Before the update, the tools were un-docked, hovering over my art-board.
  10. +1 I was hoping there would be an official update on this topic somewhere. This is a key feature for switching from illustrator, very useful.
  11. Sean, I do have various constraint properties on my symbol elements, so it does sound like the issue you mentioned. I attached an older version of my working file. This version has problems with the symbols that have "Entity Slew" in the symbol "Titled border". When I add another artistic text within the symbol it will stretch out on the other instances. I have played with the constraint options for the symbol elements and it seems that once the issue pops up, there is no way fixing the problem without deleting elements of the symbol. Is there a road map for resolving the constraint issues in the symbols? SymbolErrors.afdesign
  12. I attached one example of how when I am editing symbols, the properties of an element within the symbol appears to break down unexpectedly. This example shows 4 symbols on screen with the two on the left appear to scale from the top, but the symbols on the right side appear to scale from the center. It has happened to me with text, curves, and at times one element of the symbol will remove itself.
  13. MEB, I was totally unaware. Thank you for pointing it out. Are there any plans to improve the mode? Having the isolation mode fade and/or outline the rest of the artwork would be a better experience than if the isolation mode hides everything on the board. Also adding symbol isolation (unless this exists already) would be fantastic. Last, it was mentioned above, maybe implemented shortcut for selected items on the board in addition to (option/alt) in the layers panel.
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