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  1. @Patrick Connor, looks like it's working correctly for me, now. Huge thanks to the team!
  2. @carl123 & @Joachim_L, Cheers, guys. Both helpful in your own ways.
  3. Ah, cheers, @carl123. Not sure how to gain access to the beta version? Or is it better to just wait until it's part of the official release?
  4. Appreciate the response, @Callum. Is there a feature request that already exists where I can add my voice somewhere?
  5. Still loving the Affinity programs. Working in Designer lately, and not sure if it's a new thing or if I've just not really noticed it before, but after I delete a shape or curve, Affinity automatically selects the next layer. Is there a way to turn this off? Having to find a blank space to click and deselect an item (or reach up and hit the esc key) every time I delete something and want an unobstructed view is not very UX friendly. It's never selected the layer I'm going to change or work on next, so not sure what the point of it even is? Often the next layer isn't even in my view and I don't realise I've unknowingly changed something for a while. Feels really un-intuitive. Really having trouble finding anything about this. Maybe I'm not wording things right in my searches? I just want to be able to delete something and not have it auto-select anything else. Also, rather than posting a whole other topic, is it possible to duplicate an object with Alt+click & drag without having to hold the Alt key BEFORE clicking? Like if I'm dragging something and decide to duplicate it I feel like pressing and holding the Alt key during the drag should give the same end result (duplicating the object). Thanks, guys.
  6. Cheers, @markw. Yeah, that does give me a workaround for it, though I also agree with the one of the posters in that thread that an option for permanence would be super helpful. Just want to say that everyone on this forum is legend. Thanks for all the help and patience, and I'm sure I'll be back soon.
  7. @R C-R, I've gotten that from under 'Drawing curves and shapes' in the subsection 'About curves and shapes' on the Affinity Designer Help info. Is there a way to make a rotation permanent so that the selection box isn't continually at a wonky angle? For example, I'm done making the individual adjustments to each piece of my pattern, and I'm now ready to just have them be normal shapes, similar to Adobe Illustrator's 'Reset bounding box' option. I assume the AD 'Convert to curves' would do this, but still can't figure out why I'm not able in my project. Gonna keep working on it.
  8. Hey, guys, thanks for taking the time to explain and help me understand. The help stuff for AD says that 'curves' are an open path, and shapes are closed paths, but it sounds like there's a lot more to it than that, then. That option is greyed out for me, whether I try while they're still grouped, ungrouped but all selected, or even if I select an individual piece. Does that mean it's already a curve, or a shape? So the Base Box is based on changes you might make, and it's the default, whereas the Regular Box is based on how the shape actually is, but needs to be toggled on every time you want to see it, snap to any other shape or alignment, or even just click back onto that shape after clicking off?
  9. Hi, guys. I'm working on creating a geometric pattern. When I select multiple separate objects, the edges of the selection box correctly align with with the edges of the shapes (pic 1): However, when I group them the selection box's top edge is now above the shapes and alignment is based on that new box (pic 2): And lastly, I found the Cycle Selection Box button, and clicking that resizes the selection box back to what I would consider 'normal' (pic 3), although I have to do that every time I select those grouped objects again: So basically my question is what is causing the selection box to think it needs to be like Picture 2? The Affinity Designer help article says: I'm just not entirely sure what this actually means, and how it can be useful in my workflow? Cheers.
  10. Cheers, @R C-R, I'll definitely submit a feature request. And it helps to know more about proper terminology as well.
  11. For someone who wants to create a ton of presets, I can see it being really helpful. For myself, I just like having a single-click option for creating a new adjustment layer (1 click is great especially with a pen/tablet). I'm in the middle of making the move from Adobe to Affinity after using the former for 12+ years, and that was just something I really missed (example of Photoshop interface attached below). I'm working on changing up my workflow, and recognise Affinity is trying to be an alternative, not a copy. I appreciate all you guys on these forums who help answer my questions as I figure out what can still be similar to deeply-ingrained processes, and what needs to be learned anew. Cheers!
  12. Thanks so much for the tip. I definitely prefer having a panel of some kind with all the adjustments laid out/listed, but this will have to do for now. Cheers.
  13. Hey, everyone. When adding an adjustment layer the presets expand underneath it. I almost always begin from 'scratch' on my adjustments, so don't often use presets. But more significantly I find that the auto-expanding presets just get in the way of my UI by making the adjustments panel list much longer and shifting everything down significantly, requiring more scroll-and-search because things are moving around. Is there a way to toggle the adjustment panel's expanding presets action off, as I really don't want or need them showing up every time I add a new adjustment layer. Also, if I want to add a second layer of the same adjustment type, say, 'Brightness / Contrast', (not a copy of it, but a second and different adjustment) I can't just click again to add one, or even double-click. If I even just click once, it resets the adjustment I just carefully tweaked, erasing my changes. I have to deselect the 'Brightness / Contrast' layer I just added, then click once on the adjustment which closes the expanded presets, then click to add a second Levels layer. Surely I'm must be missing something? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks, MEB! Is the Alignment panel the only way to be more specific with the alignment process? I've seen a lot of requests from the past regarding a feature similar to Adobe Illustrator's 'Align to key object,' and must agree it's an incredibly useful option that feels missing from Affinity Designer's otherwise impressive offerings. Is the Alignment panel Affinity's final answer, or are there other options possibly headed down the pipeline?
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