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Workarounds for Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort?

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Any Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort features soon?  This year?  Any date release?  I need to know if I need to change apps.

What is everyone else doing to get around not having Distortion or Perspective distorts in Affinity Designer?

Any tips?




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5 hours ago, evtonic3 said:

My only tip is to buy Photo to do all these things. Just work in Designer then choose Edit in Photo to be switched over to that app and then Warp away. When done, do the reverse, Edit in Designer to get you back to where you were. That's all I got.

I also have a Photo, but the layers get rasterized. I need to keep them vector.

thanks for the suggestion.

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4 hours ago, Oval said:

Better workaround, because of quicker results/corrections with more quality and less memory usage: use other apps until Affinity Designer has better Distortion, Warp and Perspective than other apps.

Hi Oval,

What other apps do you use for this?  I don’t want to go back to Adobe. Thanks

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6 hours ago, AffinityAppMan said:

What other apps do you use for this?  I don’t want to go back to Adobe.


What is Adobe? ;) Sorry, but already had extra effort because we called a name. An internet research/books on the subject should help.

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4 hours ago, Oval said:


What is Adobe? ;) Sorry, but already had extra effort because we called a name. An internet research/books on the subject should help.

LOL, I actually forgot about Adobe until I had a need for a Distortion, Warp, or Perspective distort for a vector project I am working on.  I never realized I would miss them that much. I am very surprised that Serif has not incorporated these features by now. 

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8 minutes ago, Mithferion said:

The closest thing that comes to mind is using Inkscape:




Best regards!

Thanks for the post Mithferion.

I have looked into InkScape, but I don’t want to install the extra software needed to run it on my Mac. Like X11, Xquartz, MacPorts, or HomeBrew. 

It takes a lot of disk space and puts more overhead on my computer.


But thanks for the suggestion.


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5 minutes ago, Oval said:


Serif is not edobA, so Serif tries to create better solutions/functions than existing ones. This needs time (without infinitely cat power).

Off course it takes time,

I am not really complaining. I guess I am very frustrated and disappointed because I really like Affinity Designer and I really want it to be my app of choice for any illustration project I create. This week has been very frustrating when using Affinity Designer without a perspective or warp tool.  Since time is of the essence for certain projects, you can see why I feel this way. I have spent so much time trying find a way to work around this and is not easy at times.


That being said, I have been very patient since the beginning of implementing AD into my workflow.  I want AD to do well, and I do appreciate all efforts by Serif to keep making the software better.


I know it takes time. That goes without saying.

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Another thing I thought about doing was to use the Live Filters available in Affinity Photo. The only thing is that it's only work for raster images, but if you have the .AFDESIGN file you can edit the Text:


Best regards!

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Working on vintage graphics for t-shirts are the tools that I miss most ... of course in other areas AD offers me more through Pixel person !!!


In September, Adobe's contract expires and I would like not to renew it. Although I think it's too early.


What I like is that Serif has a more technical approach in its tools and in its novelties.



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14 minutes ago, mrdzyn said:

i designed the heart in AD (i am overwhelmed by AI myriad of tools and since I don't use it (luckily I won 1 year of Adobe CC All Apps but is about to expire soon!) and then with a few clicks, the heart shaped text is there, this is really a PRIORITY feature. Any admin to give some feedback? @Affinity Jack @Mensch Mesch 


I’m not an admin but I dare to say what they would say: It’s done when it’s done.

What’s the point of asking when it’s done? Just continue to use Illustrator or whatever until you get the notice that it’s here. It’s not going to come any quicker by constantly asking.

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Hi there.

I wanted to share the following for those who want to Warp Text, but you need Photoshop Elements (PSE):

  • In PSE, there is already a feature for warping your texts.
  • The problem is that if you Save it as PSD and open the file in Designer, it's just pixels.

After a quick search, I found the following. PSE is capable of converting Text to Shape (Curves), and there is an Add-on that allows the user to access said feature. So, after a test, I could fo the following in PSE 10.

  • First, writ and Warp a Text in PSE.


  • The Add-on will appear in the Effects Panel (I downloaded the Demo Version). double click and the "Elements+ Demo" window will appear:


  • After the conversion has been applied (remember to duplicate the Layer to have a Back Up). Save the File and open it in Designer/Photo. It will appear as a Compound:


I tried to do the same in Photopea, but I couldn't find a function to convert the text. If it's there, that'd save you the trouble of using PSE. I will post this on the Tutorials forums, maybe it will be of use for more folks here.

EDIT: To convert text to Shapes in Photopea, right click on the Objetc, inside the Layers Panel, and select "Convert to Shape". You can save the file as PSD and you will have the Vectors available.

Best regards!

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In the meantime, DrawPlus owners can curve the text, convert it into curves, copy and paste it into Affinity Designer where nothing will be pixelated, the curves are kept.

Texte DP_AD_2.png

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Recently I came across Photopea. Runs in browser: NO INSTALL needed (there is even Chrome app to run locally without Internet access), it is FREE and you have the WARP functionality with a bunch of STYLES to choose from (arc, bulge, flag, shell, ...). Those are forms with handles for fine tuning. Since the option is a little bit hidden, I give you a quick guide:

1) All paths MUST be on one layer (take a closer look especially after importing SVG from AD - you should  merge layers if necessary)

2) Select the layer with move tool (all paths are now inside bounding box)

3) Click on the square handle in the MIDDLE of the bounding box

4) Click the WARP button from the upper toolbar (second from top)

5) Select STYLE from the same upper toolbar and shape your paths

6) Save as SVG and import back into AD

Don't be afraid of the pixel-like strokes in Photopea - those are regular paths.

I have nothing in common with Photopea - just helping AD community with workarounds. On another hand AD staff should bring this basic vector tool asap since this workflow sucks.

Hope it helps.



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