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  1. Yeah, it seems they don't care, anyway I gave up on AD especially after I've seen that upcoming version 1.7 does not have any features from the 2014's road map.
  2. I hope they will fix this issue soon, I tried reinstall AD but it still crash, and I even tried importing the style on AP for iPad but same problem the app crash, maybe it is an IOS bug.
  3. Hi everyone, I have the exact same same problem, I purchased Frankentoon Propaganda´╗┐ pack, and when i tried to import it in AD on my ipad pro 9,7 the app crash, I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it but it keep crashing when I import the pack. I didn't face this problem when I have imported the kit on AD desktop. Thanks Enrique for the awesome Propaganda´╗┐ pack, I love your work and I have purchased almost every pack in your store and it's all great! Regards, Kenan.