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  1. I'm trying to do the same in Designer - is Wrap Text only possible in Publisher? Seriously?? I tied drawing an "L" shape with the pen tool and can't find anyway of getting text inside it....
  2. Under preferences the language is set to English, United Kingdom which is fine for me. However, every new document I open, if I go to character panel for spell check, it shows as "Unknown - English ZA" - which is South Africa, where I live. How do I permanently change that setting to English UK as the document default for spell check? Many thank, Mike
  3. Thank yo!u - didn't realise you have to line it so precisely - you have to place it half overlapping a row of existing tabs!
  4. Thanks Alfred - doesn't make any difference - No blue "panel guide" comes up - can only "lock" to the left of the left of the "layers" panel. Is this the way AD is "programmed" to work?
  5. Just tried - select the artistic text tool, click on the page, hold RH Alt+E and I get the edit menu! lol English South African keyboard The double click will work for me
  6. Please see 2 screen shots attached. Is there any way to lock the 2 lower panels ( the Layers and Transform "groups" ) in place? When I reduce the window they stay where they were as in the maximised view. I know I can have 2 columns, but that's not what I want.
  7. Hi Gary P I've not seen that before - just spent 10 minutes trying the get a lower case acute e - nothing.... Eventually, I work out that you have to double not single click the glyph! Many thanks.
  8. In my other graphic design software, I use windows character map to select, copy and paste accented letters into my text. This doesn't work with AD - I don't want to go and change Language because of spell check etc - is there a workaround?
  9. Why do I have to double click on a page in the page manager to see it in my document? A single click doesn't do anything - just puts a blue border around the page in manager - a bit pointless in my opinion
  10. There are a number of online Bitmap to Vector scanning services - do a search bitmap scanning online. They will convert your image to a svg or png
  11. Thanks for your input RCR - this has the same result as just grouping the 2 boards in the Design persona and File|Export checking "selection with/without/background" that I posted yesterday which I find quicker and simpler.
  12. May be I'm going crazy but.... ......after trying everything I can think of, I don't believe it can be done for a single pdf and or even a jpeg. I've made a workaround by going back to the design persona, grouping 2 of the artboards and then use normal File|Export|PDF Am I still missing something?
  13. Thanks Gary P and Psenda - did exactly what you showed on the video and as got a single page pdf file showing all 3 objects/artboards. #Psenda, yours showed the background little square box checked as well as the the click to export and Gary doesn't. I just want 2 of the artboards - 1 and 2. So I checked 1 and 2 and did NOT select the background check box (as per your video) - just the "click to export all formats". WISH I HAD A SCREEN VIDEO CAPTURE.... ...and I got a single page pdf with all THREE artboards! - pic attached. background.pdf
  14. I apologise for seeming really dumb, but I cannot get this to work. I've created a new document and want to export artboards 1 and 2 into a single, one page pdf file. Could you please show me which boxes to check. Many thanks.
  15. Thanks, but I don't have a separate background layer? See images at the top of this page
  16. Aaahh....OK, so how do I get multiple artboards to show on a single page as a .pdf as the Help implies can be done???
  17. Nope - still get 2 separate pages in the resulting .pdf (with or no background makes no difference)
  18. Exporting artboards Artboards can be exported as individual images or all the artboards in a document can be exported together as a single image. I've just carried on reading the Help file and saw this above which is what I'd like - 2 (or more) artboards exported as a single image - can't find where this option is. I've selected 2 artboards in the normal layers panel and then hit File| Export|More... but see no option.
  19. Thanks for the answers. OK - quite "clunky" if you just want an entire artboard or document - think I'll stick to the File| Export option
  20. Unless I'm totally blind, in AD export persona, after selecting the settings I want, I do not see an EXPORT button. If I select File... Export, none of the settings I selected are shown in the export dialogue.
  21. I'm using an artboard and can place totally visible objects on it. I you drag an object partially onto the art board, then the part that is beyond the edge of the artboard becomes invisible. I don't have a problem with that because what I want is to have a "background area" that I can put objects/images on and then drag then on and off the page in order to experiment with different designs. artboard test3.afdesign
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