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  1. Why do I have to double click on a page in the page manager to see it in my document? A single click doesn't do anything - just puts a blue border around the page in manager - a bit pointless in my opinion
  2. There are a number of online Bitmap to Vector scanning services - do a search bitmap scanning online. They will convert your image to a svg or png
  3. Thanks for your input RCR - this has the same result as just grouping the 2 boards in the Design persona and File|Export checking "selection with/without/background" that I posted yesterday which I find quicker and simpler.
  4. May be I'm going crazy but.... ......after trying everything I can think of, I don't believe it can be done for a single pdf and or even a jpeg. I've made a workaround by going back to the design persona, grouping 2 of the artboards and then use normal File|Export|PDF Am I still missing something?
  5. Thanks Gary P and Psenda - did exactly what you showed on the video and as got a single page pdf file showing all 3 objects/artboards. #Psenda, yours showed the background little square box checked as well as the the click to export and Gary doesn't. I just want 2 of the artboards - 1 and 2. So I checked 1 and 2 and did NOT select the background check box (as per your video) - just the "click to export all formats". WISH I HAD A SCREEN VIDEO CAPTURE.... ...and I got a single page pdf with all THREE artboards! - pic attached. background.pdf
  6. I apologise for seeming really dumb, but I cannot get this to work. I've created a new document and want to export artboards 1 and 2 into a single, one page pdf file. Could you please show me which boxes to check. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks, but I don't have a separate background layer? See images at the top of this page
  8. Aaahh....OK, so how do I get multiple artboards to show on a single page as a .pdf as the Help implies can be done???
  9. Nope - still get 2 separate pages in the resulting .pdf (with or no background makes no difference)
  10. Exporting artboards Artboards can be exported as individual images or all the artboards in a document can be exported together as a single image. I've just carried on reading the Help file and saw this above which is what I'd like - 2 (or more) artboards exported as a single image - can't find where this option is. I've selected 2 artboards in the normal layers panel and then hit File| Export|More... but see no option.
  11. Thanks for the answers. OK - quite "clunky" if you just want an entire artboard or document - think I'll stick to the File| Export option
  12. Unless I'm totally blind, in AD export persona, after selecting the settings I want, I do not see an EXPORT button. If I select File... Export, none of the settings I selected are shown in the export dialogue.
  13. I'm using an artboard and can place totally visible objects on it. I you drag an object partially onto the art board, then the part that is beyond the edge of the artboard becomes invisible. I don't have a problem with that because what I want is to have a "background area" that I can put objects/images on and then drag then on and off the page in order to experiment with different designs. artboard test3.afdesign
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