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  1. Thank you Walt, That's the option I was looking for!
  2. So is there no way that I can have only one edited file instead of 2 - the saved original jpg (gone form 2mb to 5mb) plus an exported version at 90% of 1,9mb? All I want is to be able to apply some adjustments to an image, crop it and then save it, leaving 1 image of +-2mb (for example) on my HD instead of 2 totaling 7mb. With 1000's of images, storage space is going to become real problem
  3. That's really weird.....but thanks On second thoughts this seems ridiculous - If you crop an image there are fewer pixels in it so saving it should make the file size smaller!
  4. I exported it at 90%.... I realize I can adjust the quality to obtain smaller file sizes. What I don't understand is making adjustments to an image, select "flatten image" when I save it, and then end up with file twice the size of the original.
  5. I've just reopened the previously edited 7mb file in AP and exported it - the file size now shoes as 1.4mb in explorer!?
  6. Hi there, I'm new to AP and have just shot a bunch of images as jpg's. I 've copied them to my hard drive and in explorer, they show as 3.3 - 3.5mb in size. I open an image in AP, adjust exposure and crop the image and save it as a flattened image. Now in explorer the file size shows as 7-8mb in size! What's going on? Many thanks
  7. Aaaaahhhhh! Thank you so much for that!!!!
  8. Language is already set to English United Kingdom
  9. I have "check spelling while you type" selected. Nothing is highlighted when I type a mis-spelled word and nothing happens when I have finished typing and select Text>Spelling>Spelling Thanks in advance
  10. Many thanks Walt, I was looking at the transform panel... OK now I see it. So say I place an image in a new layer (as always happens) - I then "resize" it to fill a particular space in my layout. But for example, after resizing it, it now shows as 600dpi - which is far bigger than what I need for print - I want to "resize/resample" it to 300dpi - so I guess I have to go to the original file on my hard drive and edit in some other software where I can stipulate the dpi ?
  11. How do I get to see an image properties (size/dimensions) when working in AD? Also, is there a way to edit (resample) the image directly in AP? I now there is a "edit in photo" option, but that opens the entire document I'm working on. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info - appreciated - I'll contact Nik
  13. I've recently purchased and installed Affinity photo and have installed my Nik Effects plug ins. When I click on any of the NE plugins a new window opens as expected - it takes a long time to load the image - but the main issue is that the whole interface seems to be scaled down - I can't really read any of the interface text. This wasn't the case when I had Photoshop. I'm using a Dell XPS 15 with a screen res of 3200 x 1800. I've attached 2 screen captures .....
  14. Thanks for the info Callum

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