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  1. I can see this feature clearly stated on the roadmap so we should be just patient.
  2. Photopea is an Open Source project hosted in GitHub. Photopea vector warp code can be reused / rewritten into AD so you don't need to start coding from scratch. Later on you may implement your own approach to warping. In the meantime AD users will not be forced to break their workflow. Please let us know how you feel about this suggestion. Do you think it is feasible? Thanks. Petr
  3. Recently I came across Photopea. Runs in browser: NO INSTALL needed (there is even Chrome app to run locally without Internet access), it is FREE and you have the WARP functionality with a bunch of STYLES to choose from (arc, bulge, flag, shell, ...). Those are forms with handles for fine tuning. Since the option is a little bit hidden, I give you a quick guide: 1) All paths MUST be on one layer (take a closer look especially after importing SVG from AD - you should merge layers if necessary) 2) Select the layer with move tool (all paths are now inside bounding box) 3) Click on the square handle in the MIDDLE of the bounding box 4) Click the WARP button from the upper toolbar (second from top) 5) Select STYLE from the same upper toolbar and shape your paths 6) Save as SVG and import back into AD Don't be afraid of the pixel-like strokes in Photopea - those are regular paths. I have nothing in common with Photopea - just helping AD community with workarounds. On another hand AD staff should bring this basic vector tool asap since this workflow sucks. Hope it helps. Petr