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  1. *This is in fact Affinity Photo for macOS, mods please move it to that forum. But I am not sure it could be reproduced on pixel persona of Designer as well. In this clip I show that the Basic brush with 100% opacity / flow / hardness, can produce unexpected aliasing depeding on brush size. To suppliment the clip, for example, at this size there are parts with unaliased result similar to when using the Pixel Tool. Except that it happen randomly along the other edges that were correctly aliased. At this size, it produce spacing artifacts in interval. These are sizes that produce expected, consistent aliasing result. Device : Wacom Intuos Pro M Affinity Photo 1.7.2
  2. Hi, thank you. One other work around is to use 99% hardness, if someone stumbled on this thread and want to have some hot fix for hard brush that you do want some consistent aliasing. My intuition says that on the size like 9, 11, 13, and 15, even though there is that protruding pixel, when dragging horizontally/vertically that pixel should "smear" itself linearly instead of repeating in intervals. Is this a bug also? Or the brush works like a repeatedly firing gun instead of like the actual "brush"? Top : Actual result of size 11 pixel brush Bottom : Expected result of size 11 pixel brush
  3. Here, back to aliased brush. There is definitely some bad size on the whole number. And also I sometimes notice that even when in the one brush scaling, I could get a different result on the same number sometimes. size2.mov
  4. Here, even with pixel brush, when scaling around (or even type in the number) I can get 2 version of 10.0 px and 16.0 px brush, where there is a repeating pixel problem and the one that looked fine. 10 16.mov
  5. Hi. I get what you meant. What I want is actually non hard edge, a consistently aliased brush regardless of size. And all other software I used do not suffer from this problem no matter the size is whole pixel or not. For example, this clip is from Clip Studio Paint. It gives consistent aliasing edge and no sharp edge mixed in no matter what the size. And also, there is no size that produce the "upper repeating dotted pixel" like Affinity Photo. And when painting, I randomly get "bad brush" when scaling around the size. Brush size scaling is done arbitrarily by the painter and we should not have to concern whether the size is whole pixel or not. aliasing2.mov
  6. New clip, sometimes you can see it is going to be wrong from the preview when adjusting brush size too. alias.mov
  7. In Clip Studio Paint there is one feature that's very good for painter. When you hold down E instead of just pressing it, releasing the key will return you to the previous brush. It's a huge productivity boost and better than eraser at the back of the stylus. Could we get something similar?
  8. Look at this 3 slices here, when I press Create Slice button one of them got 80 instead of 79 width. All of them has a slight variation, but essentially a copy and paste and no variation goes out of their common outer silhouette bound. RecordsBadges.afdesign
  9. After removing the layers inside a group with mask one by one, on the last layer removed, the mask will punch through other layers. Sometimes undoing back will also produce weird mask but generally it make the mask work again. Also happen on the beta version. MaskBug.mov MaskBug.afdesign
  10. Is that so? Then it is still a bug because the mask square is rotated 45 degree to diamond position, but it is clipping as if it hadn't rotated in the clip.
  11. When adding layer effect to one symbol, other symbols follows as expected. However pressing merge and it now applies to only that one symbol, a bunch of unlinks appeared, the orange line became dashed, and undoing cannot restore back the linked state. Related question, how can I intentionally unlink some "attribute" that it is showing here? What are available attributes that I could unlink manually? How to relink them? Any documentation of this "dashed line" symbol? unlink.mov unlink.afdesign
  12. When detaching mask, the graphic is expected to restore to unmasked state immediately. If I detach by dragging to above this is no problem. But if below, the masked residues remains on the screen until I click/drag/zoom around multiple times for it to update to unmasked state. The same happen if using undo to revert from detached mask that was dragged to below. mask_on_off.mov 100000-1.afdesign
  13. It's the same even with no metal + restarting. (attached new video) The first video was already with metal. Here's an image from the first video : nometal.mov
  14. It's on bottom left in the video. Plus I turn off Metal in the vid and it didnt make any difference.
  15. Here, also it happened when dragged to above as well this time. mask.mov
  16. t An expected result is that clicking Create Slice on PFXIcon should correctly frame the active area, similar in size to the frame of transform handle in Designer Persona in the first image. (plus take account of stroke, so all stroke pixel won't be clipped) But seems like it misunderstand something and create much bigger area. (probably related to group scaling and that its content are symbols) PFXIcon.afdesign
  17. See the video clip or try it in the file. The squares were duplicated and arranged in grids. But sometimes it is not able to snap to it's previous instances. (Column 2, 4th element and column 3, 2nd element) The snapping is expected to work 100% as it is a square and it has been duplicated. reproclip.mov repro.afdesign
  18. Look at the attached video, you can see that when I have Soft Proof active the slice thought that the image is full screen. Then after I removed the adjustment layer, now the slice thought there is more content in the transparent area. That is because I painted with a mask active. Slice boundary shouldn't count the completely transparent pixels that are masked out. Many painting technique rely on this fact to paint out of mask and have the color stay in boundary. Those color shouldn't count as a content. slice.mov
  19. Here you go. (Designer version is 1.7.1 by the way) repro2.afdesign
  20. Round and Bevel Join seems fine, but for Mitre Join depending on zoom level you would randomly get Bevel or Mitre join on any corners. (This is also happen in the current live version) If I rasterize the layer, it would random one last time before being rasterized. (Not correctly Mitre-ed still) ps. If you could add reorderable multilayer stroke that would be very very helpful.
  21. I can reproduce easily by just create a new document according to this video. Also shows that changing the default 1.414 to something and back will fix the problem. mitre.mov
  22. Oh my god, I didn't see the Mitre box. I thought you meant the stroke width. Apparently my Mitre was 1.414 that cause the problem. I tried changing to other number and it is fine, then I change back to 1.414 and it is fine now?? Also I would like to ask what is the unit of this box? 2 seems to give me a font-matching stroke, while 1 looks like Bevel.
  23. This is a simple file.. it is just Arial with mitre stroke. I am surprised you could not reproduce this. Perhaps it is a problem specific to my computer? (But a MBP is hardly customizable) No matter what the size the problem still occur. Also center-outer-inner align cause the same problem. mitre.afdesign
  24. See this comparison between an outline made by outer glow and outline made by character Stroke. When zoomed out, the outer glow one looks like there is no empty space between "I" and neighboring characters at all but actually when zoomed in the glow is actually very small.