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  1. I can reproduce easily by just create a new document according to this video. Also shows that changing the default 1.414 to something and back will fix the problem. mitre.mov
  2. Oh my god, I didn't see the Mitre box. I thought you meant the stroke width. Apparently my Mitre was 1.414 that cause the problem. I tried changing to other number and it is fine, then I change back to 1.414 and it is fine now?? Also I would like to ask what is the unit of this box? 2 seems to give me a font-matching stroke, while 1 looks like Bevel.
  3. This is a simple file.. it is just Arial with mitre stroke. I am surprised you could not reproduce this. Perhaps it is a problem specific to my computer? (But a MBP is hardly customizable) No matter what the size the problem still occur. Also center-outer-inner align cause the same problem. mitre.afdesign
  4. Wow, now I feel so stupid I didn't try to scroll before because I am always using the MBP touch pad.. That will do as good as dragging. Thank you.
  5. See this comparison between an outline made by outer glow and outline made by character Stroke. When zoomed out, the outer glow one looks like there is no empty space between "I" and neighboring characters at all but actually when zoomed in the glow is actually very small.
  6. Round and Bevel Join seems fine, but for Mitre Join depending on zoom level you would randomly get Bevel or Mitre join on any corners. (This is also happen in the current live version) If I rasterize the layer, it would random one last time before being rasterized. (Not correctly Mitre-ed still) ps. If you could add reorderable multilayer stroke that would be very very helpful.
  7. Especially in typography, in almost other programs I could drag the icon or something around the box to linearly adjust the number until it is good. For example this letter spacing and line spacing is the utmost important in designing things, you provided 3 interfaces : dropdown, updown button and typing values. Dropdown : You can hover through to find a starting point. However I find myself often wanting to go over +50 it provided. But +- 100 might be too long for the drop down. So, I believe dragging is the solution while still keeping +- 50 Up down button : I thought I could drag this but no, it is an increment by a discreet 1. It is useful when you are staring at typeface and try to fix that remaining kerning weirdness, but to get there usually it requires holding down this button and wait for the value to arrive. I think it would be much more pleasant to use if I can drag, dragging goes faster and slower according to my hand and I have no need to wait. Typing values : I have to trial and error each breakpoint value, dragging value and see immediate result is miles better.
  8. Hahaha! I don't think that searching for the solution how to draw a straight line would end up on this 3 years old thread, which is very active..... Until today I keep telling everyone let's switch to Affinity, but from now on I have to add "but you can't draw a straight line lol" A proper line tool is better but well I guess I can live with two-click straight line. I thought it would work like 99% of the art program out there but even that is insanely unintuitive to pull off. A gif just in case the devs don't realize what am I frustrating about, this line creation algorithm is far from intuitive :
  9. For example in Photoshop I used to be able to do this : select just a thin line and free scale down. But in Affinity it is strange that it averages even the alpha not existing in the marquee and kind of applying bilinear all over it, messing it up. How can I temporarily change the resampling algorithm?
  10. The layer styles like Outline updates with the wrong result before correcting to the actual ones. Is this intentional? I found it has no purpose but impairing the experience. If it was still processing wouldn't it be the best if you wait until the final result is ready, then display it. (like Photoshop)
  11. 5argon

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I am 5argon (sar-gon, homepage) a solo game developer of team Exceed7 Experiments (only 1 active member atm since all my friends quitted) I just joined the club because I change my credit card number and Adobe can't bill me so they automatically downgraded me to free. Before giving in to them again I feel like searching around and here I am. Changed my plan so that currently I am with After Effects single app. (Will move to Blackmagic Design Fusion soon so that I can be free of monthly payments.) Being solo means I don't have to care about compatibility with others, and also my old .psd and .ai files seems to open fine so I am all set for this new journey. Impressed with the amount of polish you have done. You all got my attention now. Well done! (I also wrote an article of my experience with Designer for the first time which more details are available. I am still in trial but very likely will buy both after my 10 days end) https://gametorrahod.com/adobe-illustrator-affinity-designer-transition-review-3b88c5127caf
  12. 5argon

    New Logo Please!

    Saw this post and I registered just to praise the icon designer. The first impression is that it is really cutting-edge and professional. Love the high saturation color you use. (Also googled the old ones, personally I think that one feels like a generic discontinued single purpose junk app out there.. like "PNG convertor, Sprite Sheet Maker" or something) I also didn't know about Affinity before but I have to cancel the CC subscription and looking for alternatives. In an instant I see the current icon I think it must be a really promising application and downloaded the trial.