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  1. From what I understand, the problem can be reduced with a faster and more decisive action of drawing. Another alternative is to use a little stretch stabilization. In fact, compared to raster strokes, there is a bit of "movement" when you hold the pen over a point and create two nodes. I don't know if it's a solvable problem. Ciao Fabio RPReplay_Final1611166717.MP4
  2. i noticed that to record timelapse it has strange behavior. It keeps the last one in memory and until you restart the application always saves the previous one. Attached is a test of the Pattern Layers Blackboard.mov
  3. The Layer pattern is a very powerful and functional tool. I was wondering if you could also create in mm as well as in pixels for those who make graphic projects and are more familiar with these units of measurement. It would be very nice to be able to integrate it with vector elements, possibly also rasterized. Do you think all this could be feasible? Good job Fabio
  4. I quickly did a test and for the jpg format it works. I also tried to insert transparencies and shades with transparency and it works. However, I noticed that with pdf it is not active as well as for other formats such as tiff. Are you planning to expand it to all export formats? Ciao Fabio
  5. I have noticed that there is a certain instability and it does not always recur in the same way. To me the system does not crash but I often find it difficult to select the color. There is also no reference window for the color to be created. Ciao
  6. I have done several tests with global colors and have never crashed. The most obvious problem is that often the color cannot be selected. With HSL it is always possible to act on the cursors, even with the LAB and RGB. With the others the object placed under the window often moves and only after using HSL or LAB you can use CMYK. Less often this happens even if you want to change the global color. Ciao Fabio
  7. As for the “same selection” it is not so intuitive but I don't know what to suggest. Perhaps highlighted on the menu, instead of selecting below and inside, without moving with the arrows ... but this is because I personally do not use these options so it is a purely subjective fact. Ciao Fabio
  8. I'm sending you the bill to cure me of Stendhal's syndrome!!!
  9. @abarkalo I opened your illustrator file and noticed that many of the effects on the various layers are to be reactivated using the most suitable layer properties. Affinity is not an Adobe clone and many things are interpreted differently, often better. Layer properties for example, from my point of view, are much finer and more effective on Affinity. The differences are all here. Great compatibility with pdf but different ways to get the same results. Where you read "PassThrough" you have to go and look for the most suitable level property. Such a complex design would be better to rasterize it or do it directly in Affinity
  10. Wow they are working fine ... select by fill I used it a lot. Thanks Fabio
  11. Ok, keep in mind that the customer uses large format printers, for glass, with ceramic inks https://www.tecglassdigital.com https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9vhb4zcd0ezr7cc/AADtp0tFLpDACnGlfV5lvVaLa?dl=0
  12. Unfortunately, the printer is disturbed by those lines that are seen with high zoom. In the example, zoom 100-400-800% Ciao Fabio
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