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  1. @Tadhg The problem escapes me ... forgive my poor English, but I don't understand. If it is convenient to have the last color used or the font used why should terminations and arrows such as line thickness be zero when I switch to a shape? It seems to me a complex form of artificial intelligence that we can define in just a few steps. The software should understand what we want to do. There are more important things to deal with. For heaven's sake, everyone has his own vision and need that at the moment may seem the most important. Put that you are drawing a technical scheme where you use the arrows to indicate the direction of movement of a mechanical apparatus. Use the arrows on the lines and maybe even create a rotation pattern ... draw a circle that already has the arrow, cut it where it is useful and eliminate the arc of a circle that you are not interested in and the arrow is there where you need. If you reset everything you have to recreate it while, with the current solution, you have it ready!
  2. When the desktop version of 1.7 is final, will it be possible to save the files in a way compatible with the iPad versions? Or we should use version 1.6 until the iPad versions are also updated. I ask because for now I haven't seen beta versions for iPad yet and I'm afraid the release won't be contemporary. I use the desktop version in the office and the iPad version when I am with customers and I need full compatibility! Ciao
  3. I do not deny that it is a useful function, especially for those who work in sportswear to create vintage graphics. I'd like to have her in AD, but I'm waiting. Deep down AD offers me so many things that other software don't have, especially a work logic that others badly implement. AD allows you to draw by hand with a tablet or cintiq as if it were a paint software, it allows to merge vector and bit-map elements like no other. I find it useful and decisive for many things ... that can be improved, updated, but his work philosophy meets and blends with mine, and that's why I chose it. Even more so Designer compared to AP, Publisher is on the right track. The fact that the three software blends so well with each other is again a fantastic and better assembled element than the competitors. Of course Serif could be faster and punctual with updates or news, on the other hand they have a much more democratic price policy that respects the work of creatives ... they could grow and have more programmers, but often all this distances software houses from their audience and intent that moved them from the beginning. And we've seen this with so many other software houses. We have been using Publisher for months, the end date has been moved, but we can use it anyway. I am still a member of the CC but I use it less and less ... maybe a lot of hatred is not needed to solve. It is better to know that it will be done compared to so many promises. A suggestion, invest in a new resource when it covers more than fifty percent of your operational work needs. This is simply my thought. Ciao
  4. Error typing the apostrophe. Using the button of the apostrophe comes out a wrong symbol. This error is also present in the penultimate beta version. Thanks Fabio
  5. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    I would try to make the pools of water a little 'wider and the most dry and rougher
  6. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    The mud effect is improving
  7. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    Your work is becoming more and more professional. For the mud you should increase the sheen of the water in some areas. Shots of light and homogeneous areas alternated with drier and craggy areas. Where there is more water the mud reflects more the ambient light. Bravo F.
  8. Having an advanced file system within iOS would be better, however FileBrowserGo does its nice job.
  9. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    Surely Cintiq is a certainty, mine is over 11 years and is still a great product. The transition to iPad Pro was dictated by the need to have a portable device that was as close as possible to the desktop configuration. The choice was encouraged by the release of Affinity Designer. The advantage of the iPad Pro is that the software has a user interface that is really intelligent and allows you to take advantage of the 13 ". No small icons, the use of the hands is well crafted with the pen ... the Cintiq touch are valid but the software still needs to be used with the mouse or you have to make a "remarkable" effort to select the menus with the pen while on the ipad you can easily use your hands to select commands or scroll down to select commands or brushes. An illustrator with a 20-27 "iPad and software like the Affinity suite would not need anything else! Of course iOS has yet to mature in the file management sector, but in the future I think it is an excellent solution. If you do not need mobility, a good Cintiq is still the best solution ... the other brands are cheaper but I do not know how they are in time, those who have the cintiq use it proficiently for a long time. Ciao Fabio
  10. Affinity on the iPad is a fantastic experience. It's not an immediate process but after decades of desktop applications I think it's hard to adapt to a different system. Aaron's notes are interesting because file management, saving changes is not clear. I use FileBrowserGO to connect with computers on the office network and all in all it works ... managing changes, saving on the server without anxiety would help me better. I am aware that iOS must grow in this sector and probably Affinity must follow some rather complex rules. If you can improve it would be a big news. Fabio
  11. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    Whether it's a tablet, a Cintiq or an iPad, you often expect a better result than what you actually get with a real marker, brush or pencil. If you get used to making sketches on A5 or A4 sheet, an iPad Pro may be enough, if instead of using the wrist movements you're used to using your whole arm you need a larger surface. Obviously if you are a digital native accustomed to working at 200/300% your features will seem more inaccurate than those you get with a pencil on the sheet. I use an old Cintiq 20 "and an iPad Pro ... the improvements are there and on the iPad I can keep the pencil also far from the tip getting a "almost" natural trait. A digital native, however, often thinks that a brush can be like a pencil ... in reality it is not like that. If you make a sketch on paper and then pass it on to the scanner you will realize that it will be much more inaccurate than what you perceive on paper. It takes exercise and knowledge of natural media to better control digital ones. How to try to use a pencil kept very far from the tip to not cover the drawing, or very close by helping with a finger that rests on the paper to make very precise strokes. The iPad is much more natural than the Cintiq in many ways ... keeping the pen away from the tip is more natural than the Cintiq. Even simulating a brush is more natural, but it remains a brush and you can not use it like a pencil.
  12. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    Surely you're doing a great job!!! Fabio
  13. Filo63

    DAUB paper problem

    I did several tests and I found that if the file is set to RGB it works, even if there are some rough handling in the video management when you move the image. Unfortunately, if you use CMYK, the application often closes. F. ScreenRecording_12-13-2018_10-14-36.MP4