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  1. Filo63

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    @Chris B I'm trying it with 180 mb files and I have to say that it remains very fluid ... I tried painting on large textures. Compared to version 1.6, those annoying white squares that appeared and disappeared while they were drawing. For now I am very satisfied even if I have not had the chance to try it in situations so different from the drawing. Ciao Fabio
  2. Filo63

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    Very strange, I have a fluid response with the iPad PRO 2018 Ciao Fabio IMG_1965.MOV RPReplay_Final1558716297.MP4
  3. Filo63

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    In the last version the .128 I have the impression that the problem has been solved. Everything is much more fluid even compared to 1.6 and the brushes, even those by Paolo, have a more natural response. Ciao Fabio
  4. Filo63

    [] Sort of stroke delay

    I'm trying the .127 version and I also noticed a certain inertia on the end of the stroke when drawing with a certain speed. In general, everything is much more fluid and responsive, but at the moment the pencil is raised, a small additional stretch arrives with a certain delay. All on the iPad PRO 2018 ... the last one Ciao Fabio
  5. Si per annullare è perfetto. Mi sono spiegato male...Quello che mi capita spesso è che a zoom elevato, l'uso delle due dita con la mo sinistra + la penna con la mano destra, comporta degli spostamenti o degli zoom indesiderati. Ci vuole un allenamento non indifferente.
  6. @Angelos58 quale problema incontri... spesso con lavori a tanti livelli ci si confonde, però riesco ancora gestire le cose in modo appropriato. Forse mi trovo peggio con lo spostamento rispetto all'annulla perché se le due dita non sono bene coordinate si rischia di invertire la funzione. Ciao Fabio
  7. Filo63

    Arrowheads on Lines

    @Tadhg The problem escapes me ... forgive my poor English, but I don't understand. If it is convenient to have the last color used or the font used why should terminations and arrows such as line thickness be zero when I switch to a shape? It seems to me a complex form of artificial intelligence that we can define in just a few steps. The software should understand what we want to do. There are more important things to deal with. For heaven's sake, everyone has his own vision and need that at the moment may seem the most important. Put that you are drawing a technical scheme where you use the arrows to indicate the direction of movement of a mechanical apparatus. Use the arrows on the lines and maybe even create a rotation pattern ... draw a circle that already has the arrow, cut it where it is useful and eliminate the arc of a circle that you are not interested in and the arrow is there where you need. If you reset everything you have to recreate it while, with the current solution, you have it ready!
  8. When the desktop version of 1.7 is final, will it be possible to save the files in a way compatible with the iPad versions? Or we should use version 1.6 until the iPad versions are also updated. I ask because for now I haven't seen beta versions for iPad yet and I'm afraid the release won't be contemporary. I use the desktop version in the office and the iPad version when I am with customers and I need full compatibility! Ciao
  9. I do not deny that it is a useful function, especially for those who work in sportswear to create vintage graphics. I'd like to have her in AD, but I'm waiting. Deep down AD offers me so many things that other software don't have, especially a work logic that others badly implement. AD allows you to draw by hand with a tablet or cintiq as if it were a paint software, it allows to merge vector and bit-map elements like no other. I find it useful and decisive for many things ... that can be improved, updated, but his work philosophy meets and blends with mine, and that's why I chose it. Even more so Designer compared to AP, Publisher is on the right track. The fact that the three software blends so well with each other is again a fantastic and better assembled element than the competitors. Of course Serif could be faster and punctual with updates or news, on the other hand they have a much more democratic price policy that respects the work of creatives ... they could grow and have more programmers, but often all this distances software houses from their audience and intent that moved them from the beginning. And we've seen this with so many other software houses. We have been using Publisher for months, the end date has been moved, but we can use it anyway. I am still a member of the CC but I use it less and less ... maybe a lot of hatred is not needed to solve. It is better to know that it will be done compared to so many promises. A suggestion, invest in a new resource when it covers more than fifty percent of your operational work needs. This is simply my thought. Ciao
  10. Error typing the apostrophe. Using the button of the apostrophe comes out a wrong symbol. This error is also present in the penultimate beta version. Thanks Fabio
  11. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    I would try to make the pools of water a little 'wider and the most dry and rougher
  12. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    The mud effect is improving
  13. Filo63

    Hand Painted Textures

    Your work is becoming more and more professional. For the mud you should increase the sheen of the water in some areas. Shots of light and homogeneous areas alternated with drier and craggy areas. Where there is more water the mud reflects more the ambient light. Bravo F.