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  1. Hi Sean, I found that it's related to smart quote support. I think that's a mistake because those are double low quotes. Thank you Fabio Registrazione schermo 2023-03-09 alle 11.33.24.mov
  2. Italian is specified as the language and the settings are the same as version 2. I tried to put English in the character menu and the apostrophe appears... but this is a curious behaviour. I checked the same thing in version 2 and everything works correctly with specified Italian, but also with English. Thank you Fabio
  3. I thought it was a font family problem but I realized that the apostrophe doesn't work for me. I use the Italian version of the software and the keyboard of my Mac. I tried to verify version 2 not in beta and the settings are the same. Thanks and good job Fabio
  4. With the latest beta of Affinity Publisher I have a strange behavior of the point of origin of the transformations. The video I am attaching is a bit long because it doesn't seem to me that it is a problem that occurs according to a precise logic. Thank you Fabio Registrazione schermo 2023-02-27 alle 14.51.16.mov
  5. The exchange of files through pdf hardly creates problems. Obviously, if your work involves factors of very close collaboration, so your customers rework your graphics to the point of modifying their nuances or effects... you must necessarily use the same tools. When you work in a team, and everyone needs to be able to rework files, it is certainly necessary to work with the same software. Differently for those who work as a freelance and close their portions of work, AD exports in pdf with files that are clean and workable. This is my experience
  6. I have to congratulate you because after so many years, and they are really many, typeface is the best application I have ever purchased! ciao Fabio
  7. Sorry but in this discussion there is something that escapes me. For several years and without having read anything I have been able to copy the levels either with keyboard shortcuts or with the right mouse button. I can copy multiple layers, anything that is nested in the layers. I can also copy the FX settings which are pasted under the edit menu or with keyboard shortcut. I really don't understand what's missing.
  8. From what I understand, the problem can be reduced with a faster and more decisive action of drawing. Another alternative is to use a little stretch stabilization. In fact, compared to raster strokes, there is a bit of "movement" when you hold the pen over a point and create two nodes. I don't know if it's a solvable problem. Ciao Fabio RPReplay_Final1611166717.MP4
  9. i noticed that to record timelapse it has strange behavior. It keeps the last one in memory and until you restart the application always saves the previous one. Attached is a test of the Pattern Layers Blackboard.mov
  10. The Layer pattern is a very powerful and functional tool. I was wondering if you could also create in mm as well as in pixels for those who make graphic projects and are more familiar with these units of measurement. It would be very nice to be able to integrate it with vector elements, possibly also rasterized. Do you think all this could be feasible? Good job Fabio
  11. I quickly did a test and for the jpg format it works. I also tried to insert transparencies and shades with transparency and it works. However, I noticed that with pdf it is not active as well as for other formats such as tiff. Are you planning to expand it to all export formats? Ciao Fabio
  12. I have noticed that there is a certain instability and it does not always recur in the same way. To me the system does not crash but I often find it difficult to select the color. There is also no reference window for the color to be created. Ciao
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