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  1. I've just noticed that no different page sizes are possible. It is not only needed for books. More often it is used for folders (Tri-Fold), the last (first) page is always smaller, eg 100 / 100 / 97 mm (EU). Work on it, Serif!
  2. When I create a new project in Publisher, where can I find the familiar style 'Normal' from InDesign and QuarkXPress, with which I can set the character / paragraph style for the project. The styles that exist when creating a new project I don't need. They have to be cleared every project. Can I decide to start only with Normal, the rest I do as I need it? But the main question is up
  3. If I paint in Photo (macOS) with the brush in white on a selected mask nothing is displayed. Why?
  4. Tables does not exist in Designer. Is there any other way to add a background color to text? I have to create an HTML table, formatting as shown in the photo, in Designer. I want to do it in Designer, not by using other Apps! https://i.imgur.com/wT6ITse.png
  5. Thanks telemax, that was very helpful! Just a question about the functionality: Is it also possible to modify existing layer masks?
  6. I'm unable to do it. Is there a manual, a video? Anything where I see the order of the steps?
  7. Cmd+R ? This separates the mask from the layer, shows the content alone and the rest of the document transparently. What else?
  8. I have no Replace Image. The original file (layer masks) is from Photoshop CS6. I placed the layer with the second photo to the right of the layer icon (LG Display) with the mask, so it came into the mask. But how do I get it out of there without removing the mask?
  9. I have in Photo Desktop 1.7.2 a photo with several layer masks. In each of the layer masks I have placed another photo. Now I have to replace one of these photos in one of the layer masks. When I remove the photo, the layer mask is also deleted. How do I replace a photo in a layer mask without removing the layer mask? How do I add a new photo?
  10. When I do a JPEG export in Photo, the default setting is: Recalculate "Bilinear". I mostly use "Bicubic", so I always change the attitude again and again. Can I change the default setting in Photo to Bicubic? Then I don't have to adjust it every time I do an export.
  11. It's not the same, it takes time, but it's a good tip how to do it! Maybe the developer of Logo Package Express would like to write a module for AD. For a logo designer this is a huge relief, for the client it saves money.
  12. I love Logo Package Express, it has saved me countless hours of time. What alternatives are available for Designer?
  13. I can't find it before I change the Language to English. The german translation is: Show Snapping Candidates: Nur an sichtbaren Objekten ausrichten (means: Align only to visible objects) The translation didn't do well for me. Thanks for your help.
  14. When I mark an object with the cursor, the frame is purple. When I leave the object, the purple outline remains. If I click on a second, third object, they also get a purple outline until the whole page / objects has purple outlines ... It doesn't change if I do cmd + Y, the outline stays purple. Only when I close the file and open it again the purple frames are gone, ... until I select an object. Then it starts again in Pink. Do I have something wrong in the settings? Where does the purple come from, why does it stay purple even if an object is not selected? So it looks like when I click on an object, and a second (without shift): Mac Pro 2018, 64 RAM, AMD FirePro D700 AD 1.7.1 Desktop, macOS 10.13.6

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