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  1. When I do a JPEG export in Photo, the default setting is: Recalculate "Bilinear". I mostly use "Bicubic", so I always change the attitude again and again. Can I change the default setting in Photo to Bicubic? Then I don't have to adjust it every time I do an export.
  2. It's not the same, it takes time, but it's a good tip how to do it! Maybe the developer of Logo Package Express would like to write a module for AD. For a logo designer this is a huge relief, for the client it saves money.
  3. I love Logo Package Express, it has saved me countless hours of time. What alternatives are available for Designer?
  4. I can't find it before I change the Language to English. The german translation is: Show Snapping Candidates: Nur an sichtbaren Objekten ausrichten (means: Align only to visible objects) The translation didn't do well for me. Thanks for your help.
  5. I can't find that. Is it in the settings?
  6. When I mark an object with the cursor, the frame is purple. When I leave the object, the purple outline remains. If I click on a second, third object, they also get a purple outline until the whole page / objects has purple outlines ... It doesn't change if I do cmd + Y, the outline stays purple. Only when I close the file and open it again the purple frames are gone, ... until I select an object. Then it starts again in Pink. Do I have something wrong in the settings? Where does the purple come from, why does it stay purple even if an object is not selected? So it looks like when I click on an object, and a second (without shift): Mac Pro 2018, 64 RAM, AMD FirePro D700 AD 1.7.1 Desktop, macOS 10.13.6
  7. I can't use any of this. I can't apparently convey what I need. And it's so incredibly simple. And you make it so complicated ;) with batch process ... I don't need that, just a simple change of the width for one photo.
  8. such a simple thing so complicated ... and it doesn't work either. I need to create a separate macro with 7 steps for each ratio (!?). I'm quicker if I do it manually via "Resize document". Why surely such a simple thing (image width (not height)) can' be written in a macro? I miss Photoshop ;) Thanks for trying to help.
  9. An example: Image width: I have photos with different ratios: 4:3 and 3:2. I need the photos to have a width of 1000 px. The 4:3 photo has a size of 4000 x 3000 px, proportionally resulting a height of 750 px by a width of 1000 px = 1000 x 750 px. The 3:2 photo has a size of 4000 x 2667 px, proportionally resulting a height of 667 px by a width of 1000 px = 1000 x 667 px. What's the problem now? I want a macro in which I only have the picture width, e.g. 1000 px. The height should stay proportionally. Recording the image width will record the height also. I don't want that, I want it to remain proportinal.
  10. I'm sorry, this isn't working. There is no possibility to save a macro only with the image- or selection width. When recording a macro, I change the image width, the image height would also changes proportinally and is recorded in the macro. This is problematic because photos exist in different ratios, 3:2, 4:3, etc. So, you will not get a proportional result with other than the recorded ratio. Therefore you need to be able to edit macros, e.g. to remove the height. My macros has no Settings, so I can't edit anything. Tools which I really miss in Photo: Rectangular Selection Tool presets: Normal, Fixed Ratio, Fixed Size (like the Crop Tool). That will make the work of web designers much easier. We constantly have to create identical image formats for projects, hero images, gallery photos, photos, etc. which are repeated hundreds of times. The Crop Tool allows to specify width and height, why not the selection tool? Web isn't desktop publishing, we don't have a picture frame in which we can place pictures. We have exact sizes.
  11. Question 1: I need a macro for the image width of photos, the height should grow proportionally. I can't handle this. Question 2: I need macros for frames (Rectangular Selection Tool) in certain sizes, e.g. 500 x 600 px. I don't mean the picture size just the selection frame. Question 3: In Photoshop it is possible to modify and edit actions. For example, I could delete the image height for question 1. I can't find a way in Photo, did I overlook anything?
  12. 6 replies – I still don't have an answer
  13. By placing photos in Designer (Desktop) the .afdesign files get very big. Is it possible to link photos, so that the file size of the .afdesign file stays small?
  14. I have in Photo 1.7.1 no square selection tool in my tools palette. Where can I find it?