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  1. It’s iPad ver.
  2. I tried to add Artboards Bleed in AD iPad 1.7. But Bleed is not displayed, I am now working on it for two days. When I create a simple document, the bleed is displayed. Not on Artboards, what am I doing wrong? I built it exactly like the help infos (!?).
  3. tersmuse

    buy a 'present'

    Thanks for the tip!
  4. I would like to buy Affinity Programs to a friend. Can I buy programs for a friend, enter his email address, and pay with my credit card? Can it be done without his knowing? Because of his e-mail address. Why? It's a present ;)
  5. I draw a dotted line in a graphic, just a circle. When I export the graphic as PDF (Print press ready, ISO Coated V2) the dotted line is missing. What I' m doing incorrectly here, everything looks pretty good in AD?
  6. Habit is a wild animal. I wish I could save other file formats under save as too. I hope I understand this double (for me) unusual approach sometime ;) Just an idea: Maybe it would be possible to overwrite the 'save as' function with 'Export'?
  7. As a Photoshop changer I still have problems with the cumbersome save / export detour after one year. Why does AP only save its own format? If I open and edit a JPG, TIF or similar, I want to save it in the same format again. I don't think I'll ever get used to having to do the whole thing every time through the huge Export window. This is absurd and time consuming, why so cumbersome? So why can't I save a file (without layers) the way I opened it? Please change that!
  8. You've helped me a lot, thank you both!!!
  9. Thanks, this works out charmat. Also in the persons is unfortunately white, and will be removed. How do you handle that?
  10. this Photo (TIF 4c): https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/caring-hand-symbol-formed-out-people-226336915 Is there a way to change the white background to an grey (2, 0, 0, 10). The problem are the figure shadows, I wish that the shadows would stay.
  11. Anyone who develops logos knows, how long it takes to generate and export logo packages. I found a great plugin, but the provider only offers an Illustrator version. Logo Package Express Is there anything similar for AD?
  12. Yes, I did find that already, but it does not work as I checked it. Maybe I served it wrong? I will test it again. I also tried the styles, unfortunately without success. I will make it :)
  13. How can I define space (bottom) between two paragraphs in a text frame?
  14. The file size is not the problem. I was simply interested to know 'why'. I mostly 'save as'. The difference in file size remains as specified in the first thread. No problem.
  15. Because I' m switching from Illustrator to Designer: If an Illustrator file with 377 kb is opened in Designer and saved as Designer file the identical file has 1.5 MB Why is the Designer file up to four times bigger as the Illustrator file? Has anyone had similar experiences?