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  1. Mmhhh, I wonder what the developers were thinking. This makes no sense at all. A contour is not a contour when the element which surrounds the contour is missing. Then I do it as in ver. 1 with "Expand Stroke", which works without deleting the source element. # # # I know it's not deleted, I can change the distance. But for the eye it is deleted.
  2. Many thanks for your replies. I removed v1 apps via AccCleaner before installing. It works fine, version 2 runs clean.
  3. When I do an outline (contour tool), the original disappears. A simple example: I draw a circle with a diameter of 50 mm. I choose the Contour Tool with + 5 mm. I now see two circles in the preview. But when I switch to the Move tool, the origin 50 mm circle disappears. This was already the case in version 1. That's why I never used the contour tool. Surely I'm doing something wrong? How do I get an outline contour without losing the original?
  4. I know I have already downloaded the apps from Serif (not the App Store). I now ask myself what to do next. Uninstall the version 1? Start an upgrade? What is the best way? I think I need to delete the old versions, right?
  5. I have two Apps from the App Store, and one from the Affinity Store. I thought about where to buy the Universal License, in the App Store or the Affinity Store. It doesn't matter in the end, price-wise it makes no difference. I decided to use the Affinity Store, even though it is more difficult to install. Now the question: How do I install the purchased Universal License on macOS correctly? Do I start the installation as upgrade? How to do it right, in my situation?
  6. A year later, and still nothing has happened in Serif development. Sad. The missing display of frames with content is atrocious!
  7. It should be standard, without a checkbox. Like the Ellipse Tool. That would save a lot of questions in the forum. Thanks for your answer, I did not know that!
  8. How crazy is the Elliptical Marquee Tool? It extends centrally when not using a key (cmd, ctrl, shift, alt …). Please change that, it's nonsensical. Top left is standard.
  9. I can' t remember that I unlinked anything, many thanks for pointing this out. The layout is just a draft, I'll just set it again, with more attention.
  10. @walt.farrell I sent you a message, I can't post the layout due to copyright issues of the images.
  11. Here are screenshots: Master Page / Pages, layers of the master pages, and the layers of the content page: The first layout, everything looks fine to me: The second layout, you see the two shifted layers in the page's layers palette over the master Outside-1.
  12. I have created two master pages with identical layers (names). The layers are in the same order, everything is identical. On page 1 I added the content, text and photos. In the Page Layers palette I have then a layer group with the name of the master page 1. Everything is fine so far. When I drag Master Page 2 onto my page, I get the following message: To preserve frame content one or more objects were detached from the old master and placed on the document layer. In the Page Layers palette, two of the layers are now above the layer group that has the name of the second master page. Why are layers being moved, what do I do wrong?
  13. Once again to the Data Merge Layout Tool. I try again with a screenshot: If or else would skip these blank lines blank space between items due to fixed size inflexible fixed sizes This is how it should look reasonable if you don't have to use the Data Merge Layout Tool. Simple with character and paragraph styles:
  14. I have Helvetica Now Variable, am sad I can't use it. Make an effort
  15. Sorry, I can't learn that all the apps in one board. Of course, I meant the Publisher. This is exactly what I was looking for. My example might look like yours. Thanks for your great help!
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