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  1. As a Logo Designer I like Logo Package Express. In the video below the developer tells something about the runnability in Affinity Designer. See yourself: 38:10 youtu.be/8V1-Lj5jRqI There' s no way to develop plugins for Affinity. Is that correct? If it is not correct please contact him: michael(at)thelogopackage.com It would be great if we also had this great plugin for Designer.
  2. The answer of a Windows user, detours are a commonplace. Let's leave it at that. The question is answered, Serif does everything differently than others, and you have to start from scratch if you switch. The Publisher translation is a disaster for prof. designers who know the familiar terms from Ventura, Aldus, Adobe, etc. New / different is not always better. That's my personal opinion. This is not an attack, it's feedback. I will not use Publisher, Designer and Photo I will remain faithful.
  3. Is there meanwhile a solution in 1.8x? The previous posts are detours, not a solution ;) if you worked with actual DTP apps. Publishing needs reasonable solutions for character and paragraph styles. This is the most important part of a DTP app. It would be good when developers in programming get help from Graphic designers :)
  4. Yes, I can edit the layer by double clicking on it with the Move tool. The result is unusable. For info: It's a purchased mockup from Envato, no freeware from the web. In PS it works perfectly. I guess there's still some work to do ;) Thanks for your time.
  5. If this is activated, the layers lie all over the place, not where they need to be. If it is not activated, the layers are correct, but I can' t get to the source … No matter how I do it, it doesn't work.
  6. macOS Catalina, Photo 1.8.1 How does it work to edit PSD SmartObjects? I've been trying for hours, I can't get a view of the source file. Double click, double click + Alt … If I double click on the layer as usual in PS, the layer is zoomed. Not the source, just the modified mask with all processed perspectives. Double click + Alt zooms the content of the mask (without background), but unfortunately again not the source file. Short, it does not work, I cannot replace a modified, perspective distorted version. Is there a detailed description how to edit SmartObjects, I can't find anything about it except two videos at YT. I work in PS for many years dozens of purchased mockups; with photo I need a detailed explanation. And, what about the SmartObjects settings (General) in the preferences? I've tried everything, I can't do it. Need help!
  7. I would like to have an outline / offset path function. The time-consuming workaround via expand stroke is not a solution. It would be nice if this would apply in ver. 1.9, in 1.8 it was apparently still too unpopular? Maybe a question for the forum? Who would like an outline / offset path function?
  8. My experience after a macOS clean install and a new installation of the Affinity Apps: No problems, the applications must not be deactivated.
  9. I need to do a macOS clean install. I have all Affinity Apps, 2x AppStore and 1x macOS. My question, do I have to deactivate the Apps so that I can reinstall them afterwards?
  10. I've just noticed that no different page sizes are possible. It is not only needed for books. More often it is used for folders (Tri-Fold), the last (first) page is always smaller, eg 100 / 100 / 97 mm (EU). Work on it, Serif!
  11. When I create a new project in Publisher, where can I find the familiar style 'Normal' from InDesign and QuarkXPress, with which I can set the character / paragraph style for the project. The styles that exist when creating a new project I don't need. They have to be cleared every project. Can I decide to start only with Normal, the rest I do as I need it? But the main question is up
  12. If I paint in Photo (macOS) with the brush in white on a selected mask nothing is displayed. Why?
  13. Tables does not exist in Designer. Is there any other way to add a background color to text? I have to create an HTML table, formatting as shown in the photo, in Designer. I want to do it in Designer, not by using other Apps! https://i.imgur.com/wT6ITse.png
  14. Thanks telemax, that was very helpful! Just a question about the functionality: Is it also possible to modify existing layer masks?
  15. I'm unable to do it. Is there a manual, a video? Anything where I see the order of the steps?
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