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  1. Ok, I would like to join the beta group to see if it will fix the issue. Please send me the steps to do that. Thanks. And no, when it happens I can’t zoom but sometimes it sometimes allows me to back out to the main screen, or it freezes completely and closes.
  2. This is a brand new iPad so I tried factory resetting with the same results. I don’t have a friend with an iPad and don’t live close to an Apple store unfortunately. Is there a way to get a refund please since this can’t be resolved? I looked for the refund option through the App Store but It isn’t available because it just tells me to contact the developer of the app.
  3. Hi, it’s been a few days and I’m wondering if you are able to Finish helping me with getting the app running. It still crashes with pressure turned on.
  4. I did both tests with pencil and vector brush for you to see. See attached. All resulted in frozen app and then crash. IMG_0014.mp4 IMG_0015.mp4 IMG_0013.mp4 IMG_0012.mp4
  5. Pixel persona works fine with pressure turned on. I just tested it.
  6. Ok, no problem. I tested it on a sample with the same results. Video 1 is of the pencil tool. Almost immediate freeze. Video 2 is of the vector brush again on the sample - 3 strokes and frozen. I made the brush bigger so you can see the brush distortions as well IMG_0010.MP4 IMG_0011.MP4
  7. I'm using a brand new Apple Pencil 2nd Gen. The iPad is brand new also, only a 1 month old and is updated to the most recent iOS. Can you please offer some troubleshooting tips? Or does Affinity not have another customer service method I can contact. I appreciate you responding, but this forum chat takes a day between each message sent by the time you respond and I see it. Is there a phone number or email I can write to that will? I was hoping to have this resolved quickly. Thanks
  8. It doesn’t freeze when drawing with my finger but the problem with that is the pressure option is pointless because pressure isn’t registered when drawing with a finger. So again the app is useless to me. Do you think you will be able to help me fix this? I really would like to use this app for my graphic design work. If not can I get a refund since the program isn’t functioning as promised?
  9. iPad model: iPad Pro 12.9 - 2018 Screen recording attached. App freezes completely after 3rd brush stroke. You can see the vector brush glitches in all 3 strokes prior to freezing. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app multiple times. What else can I do to fix this? I only need the app for the vector brush which causes the app to freeze every time. IMG_0006.MP4
  10. Please help. I just purchased Affinity Designer today excited to use the vector brushes to draw, but immediately after installation and opening for the 1st time the app crashes or freezes everytime I use any vector brush with ‘Pressure’ controller. I’ve tested this about 10 to 15 times and the same thing happens each time. 1. I open the app 2. I select ‘Vector Brush’ 3. I choose a brush and turn on ‘Pressure Controlled’ 4. I start drawing but the brush stroke doesn’t function with pressure control even though the option is turned on - it looks glitchy and choppy 5. It immediately freezes or the app closes completely on it’s own Please help! This is very frustrating since I just purchased the app today and it already doesn’t work. The app is useless right now if I can’t use the vector brush.
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