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Affinity Photo is Apple's Best Mac App of 2015


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Well deserved.


2015 has introduced to two amazing applications and no doubt 2016 will bring a few more. To win an ADA and achieve best app of the year goes to show just how much Apple ;)  and your customers love what you've done to the Graphic and Photo world and free a few people from them shackles.


It's easy sometimes to focus on negatives and the noise, what's not been achieved or features that aren't not yet implemented but Affinity continue to work tirelessly and has introduced a brand new workflow for Mac users.


Even though it was Affinity Photo that was chosen this success is for both apps. Let's focus on the amazing success of Affinity Photo and Designer and all that's been achieved in such a short period of time and what's yet to come.


It's great to see such a responsive and active community here and this win is for all the 18,000 + and growing members of the Affinity family.





About me: Trainer at Apple, Freelance Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Website Designer, Photographer. Yes I like creating things!!!


Twitter: @StrawberryMnky  @imAllanThompson

Web: mystrawberrymonkey.com  Portfolio: behance.net/allanthompson

YouTube: Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorials

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This lives up to what I thought was nothing short of miraculous when you super quickly wrote an import filter for FreeHand files back in 2014 (while at the same time Adobe claimed that their move to 64 bit made it impossible to still open FH file in Illustrator).


So eager to see what Affinity Publisher will look like …

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