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  1. I've wondered if large file sizes has been one of the issues faced in the development of Publisher.
  2. Same problem here - I get updates through Mac Store. Have this account for forum. How do I go about authorizing the downloads?
  3. For what it's worth: MacPhun Software has announced Luminar 2018. (Non-subscription for Mac) It includes a DAM module.
  4. Mike, When a designer is creating an image that is primarily intended to exist as a print document, should he/she use CMYK colour format from the get-go?
  5. I'm with you - really rooting for Affinity. I'm thinking that Affinity Publisher will help pull a lot more people over to Affinity when it comes out. (Note to Affinity Developers - that is not meant to put any more "when is it coming out?" pressure on you. I'd rather it be done right than pushed out before it is ready) Also - this is not meant as a dig to those of us who are jumping up and down in anticipation (with cat-like reflexes)!
  6. I like Pixelmator a lot, but it's not yet as "robust" as PS. (PS has a big head start on Pixelmator and AP). In case you haven't heard, the dev team has announced that Pixelmator Pro is coming "this Fall". It looks as though they won't be announcing the pricing until some time closer to the actual release. Personally, I'm hoping that they aren't going to adopt a subscription model for this new app. That's a large part of why I want to say "adios, Adobe!" As for learning a new interface - I hear you! But all pain and frustration aside, it's good for us cognitively to keep challenging our minds. At least, that's what I try to tell myself whenever I can't figure out how to get an app to do what I'm trying to get it to do!
  7. PIxelmator (for Mac) just announced an update (V. 3.7) that supports HEIF and High Sierra (including "the ability to launch Pixelmator from the Photos app and save edits back to original image").
  8. A question for experienced logo designers: When tasked with creating a new logo, how do you deal with the issue of size? For example, the client may want to use the logo on a business card or small thumbnail on a website, but may also want to use it on a large banner. If it is all vector it should be scalable - but at what size do you begin designing originally? Any other tips or methods you've found that would be helpful? Thanks! :)
  9. What is best practice when designing an image that might end up in multiple sizes? (For example a small label and a poster).
  10. Just a quick heads up: As MEB noted, dragging the corner handle may not keep the proportions intact if the settings have been changed in preferences. If that is the case, it sometimes might actually seem like you are keeping the correct aspect ratio when dragging the corner handles with the move tool, but you are actually not. (Depending on how you drag it) You can check this by trying to deliberately change the proportions when dragging the corner handles with the move tool. If it keeps the proportions you are ok. If not, just hit "Command + Z" ("Control + Z" for Windows - is that right Alfred?) to undo that change. You could then try holding down the shift key when dragging the handles with the move tool and see if that keeps the aspect ratio intact. Also - as Alfred noticed - your image doesn't have the same proportions as an A3 sheet. One way to address this is to resize the image (with the correct proportions) so that it large enough to fill the short side. Then sacrifice the areas that overlap the A3 sheet on its long side. :)
  11. I wonder. Could this be because the image has been scaled? In AP Help: "Scaling will embed a specific print resolution into an image's metadata to force it to print at a specific dpi (e.g. 300 dpi). The images pixel dimensions remain unaffected. :unsure:
  12. Sorry - I was unable to ignore this... However, my cat, on the other hand... :)
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