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  1. Thanks for the explanation, but I already knew that :P (I am a computer engineer). Maybe my question wasnt clear enough. How many threads can affinity run in parallel? are there enough for 8 or 12 core machines? More? at what point does affinity cease to benefit from more cores?
  2. Is there a point where this stops making sense? ie 8 core vs 12 or does this continue to scale well beyond what macs can be configured with?
  3. Im curious about the devs thoughts on this, I currently use my iphone as my camera and thus do not currently shoot in raw although with ios 10 I will, and in a year or so will be buying my first dslr which I will also shoot in raw. This article is pretty scathing of the raw engine in AP, are there planned improvements for it? why is it that even with noise reduction all the way the image is still noisier than the apple raw engine? if I select the apple raw engine will apples noise reduction be applied or no? I want to clarify that I love AP and want to see it succeed thus my concern for this. If this is a problem I would love to see steps taken to correct it. Thanks guys.
  4. After I finish editing my photo in AP in the photo persona I switch to export to export it however when I do the photo loses some detail. Switching back to the photo persona brings it back, I am assuming that this has something to do with my default export option (jpg High) but even when I switch to highest or Tiff 16bit I can't seem to get the detail back? How can I export with all the detail exactly as it appears in photo persona?
  5. Those threads mention astropad but quickly discard it, it is worth noting that at the time of those threads the iPad pro and apple pencil did not exist. I already want an IPP so I would try astropad before buying a dedicated tablet, jmo
  6. Any chance we will get scripting in the future? or do you mean to say no as in we have no intention of building it (as of now)
  7. I agree that this is needed. I ran into this issue last fall and I haven't used AD much since. Although with the UI work coming in 1.5 I will start using it again as UI and Tech diagrams are why I bought it. Now just waiting on Arrowheads.
  8. I agree it would be a nice thing to have in the export panel, you could set up a default watermark and turn it on and it is automatically positioned and all you need to do is adjust the opacity if needed.
  9. This is the first post from a thread I started months ago, that noone responded to so im reposting it here. As I look back at it the other thing I would add as part of the data recovery is the built in ability to use backups to fix errors in the main copy and to use them as a form of error checking. As someone who currently works on NAND flash the idea that no major software platforms are performing bit checks on my data scares the crap out of me. in NAND flash (which is used in all SSDs today) bits will be wrong on almost every single write, there is hardware error correction which makes up for it but I want another check in the software level because if there is an error with the write (one that ECC cant fix) you wont know until you try to read it later however if you catch it while the data is still in ram you can rewrite it. Edit: link to original thread in the off chance anyone cares: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/14942-dam-features/
  10. I believe you will have to pay full price, as of right now the apps are sold exclusively on the MAS which does not allow upgrade pricing.
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