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  1. I'd expect (like every other program I own) that when I export a file the date on the file in the filesystem is the date at the time I save the file. It's new file. It's creation date should be now. But apparently Affinity Photo sets the date as the the time the picture was taken (or maybe it's setting them to the time of the file opened). All I know is I exported a file, expected to see it at the top of the file list in Finder/Explorer like every other app including Photoshop but instead of being dated 2020-09-25 it was dated 2018-08-12 This makes it impossible to use the filesystem like it's been used for the last 40+ years where you can sort files by date and see the files you just created. Steps to repo. 1. Load a file (in my case an .HEIC file) with a date before today 2. Export as JPEG 3. Look at the date in the Finder/Windows Explorer What should happen: The date should be today What happened instead The date is some past date.
  2. I ended up paying for Photoshop in October over this issue. I needed to edit a few 100 png files. In photoshop I just double click the file in the finder, make the edits, flatten Cmd-Shift-E assuming I added a layer, then Cmd-S, Cmd-W. Repeat for each file. With Affinity's workflow that would have taken 4-5x longer. Keynote's example is arguably irrelevant since people rarely use keynote to edit say powerpoint files or PDFs. They only export. Where as it's extremely common to want to edit a jpg or a png, the native formats of the web and well as several other things like say Unity or Unreal or GameMaker. TextEdit, another apple Apple app opens .txt files and saving still saves as .txt files. You're not required to pick "Export to Text" every single time even though the default format of TextEdit is .rtf. TextEdit will also Save As using .doc, .docs, .xml, and a few other formats. When you save again it continues to save as that format. No need to keep picking export
  3. Currently the SVG exporter seems to rasterize any later that isn't using a standard blend mode. But, ... CSS supports blend modes https://developer.mozilla.org/ja/docs/Web/CSS/mix-blend-mode I would be great if the SVG exporter could use those modes (optionally if need be). As it is I have to tell Affinity Designer to not rasterize anything and then I have to manually edit the .SVG file and add the styles in Below I included an afdesign file with just 2 overlapping circles, the one set to "hue" blend mode. Then there's the current exporter with rasterization (Set low-res to make ti clear). Turning off all rasterization gets the "rasterize nothing" version but of course it doesn't match the original afdesign file. Manually adding "mix-blend-mode: hue;" in the style in the right place fixes it. Would be great if the exported exported the fixed version. hue-layer.afdesign hue-layer-current-exporter-rasterised.svg hue-layer-rasterize-nothing.svg hue-layer-rasterize-nothing-manually-fixed.svg
  4. This is a minor request but ... it would be useful to me if I could set the checkerboard color used with transparency. I'm trying to edit a png that is nothing but white and transparecy and with current checkerboard colors it's basically impossible to see. My current solution is to add another layer, fill it with black and move it behind the orignal layer but I have to do that every single time I load the this kind of png so if I could set the background checkerboard color somewhere like in preferences or one of the view managers that would be great!
  5. Then I guess I'm doing something wrong. Here's 3 layers selected and me picking copy Here's me picking "New from Clipboard" And here's the result You can see the result is not the same as the original. It has been clipped
  6. New from Clipboard is not helpful. It loses the layers and it crops to the size of the layer. We really need a real "Duplicate Document" command. You know, the one that's part of the MacOS User Interface Guidelines https://developer.apple.com/macos/human-interface-guidelines/menus/menu-bar-menus/ New from Snapshot is a fairly convoluted workaround for what's been a basic feature of most apps for decades. Here's hoping you'll add a File->Duplicate option
  7. Just adding to the chorus. I get the logic of Affinty Photo's save vs export but it's WAY LESS CONVENIENT than Photoshop's workflow. In Photoshop. Save As, pick jpg, then edit, Ctrl-S, edit, Ctrl-S, edit, Ctrl-S In Affinity Photo I always have to go through the export path which is really distracting. Affinity tries to pride itself on being better than Photoshop in many ways. This is one where it's worse. Here's hoping they'll consider changing it. Photoshop does warn you if you've got a multi-layer file that saving to a non.PSD will lose data. But if you have a single layer file it just works for jpg and png and a few other formats.
  8. In Windows if nothing else the default location for saving should be the user's proflle folder not C:\Windows\System32
  9. I'm sure this has been requested before but you guys rock and I'd love to buy your version of Lightroom/Apeture!
  10. I love it if there was a way to script affinity products. JavaScript or Lua or anything really. Ideally all features would be scriptable so I could use Affinity to generate stuff or build actions or load/export a bunch of files. I don't need personally need a UI to get started though I'm sure some folks would love an Actions palette
  11. I'd really like to be able to type values for positions. For example, I'm trying to place a guide at exactly x = 140 pixels. Using the mousepad I keep getting 139.7, 140.2 etc. I just want to type 140(enter) somewhere
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