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  1. I too am frustrated that the length of a simple line segment cannot be measured in Affinity, even though the math behind is pretty basic stuff. i.e. Diagonal = sqrt(Height^2 + Width^2) is all you need to know. Draw your line segment. Select the line object. In the info box note the height and width of the object's bounding box. Plug the height and width dimensions into the above formula and you will have the diagonal. Please add this feature!
  2. I've seen this myself. Had to reboot my MacBook Pro where it would work for a while but eventually return. Not sure how to reproduce it other than to wait for it to happen. M
  3. given that there is no attachment, it might be a bit difficult... ;) m
  4. I've been using Photoshop since 1990. And during that time I too got used to "resizing" my images to match the desired output. However, I've since changed my ways with Affinity Photo -- I now only "resize" on export. Since Affinity doesn't lose resolution when resizing pixel layers, you can stack a bunch of images, each with different resolution density, scale them each as layers, and output them at the desired resolution without losing any fidelity. At first I was skeptical but after having just printed a solo show for a museum here in Massachusetts using this technique, I'm sold. YMMV Michael
  5. Just playing around with AP. Shot with Pentax K-3ii + DA* 60-250mm, RAW processing in DxO Optics Pro. Pano composite in AP of two images, together with lots of layers. Also uses the "Revealing Sky Detail" technique.
  6. I've seen this before. Usually it is some weird, unpredictable interaction between layers and layer effects. For sure, it is a bug. I would advise you to open a ticket and provide the support team with the actual file. Michael
  7. back in the very early days of digital cameras, I printed a 2mp image to 40"x60" -- and it looked great. The reason it looked great was A.) the nature of subject matter lent itself to not requiring a lot of resolution and B.) the distance the image was to be viewed was ideal for the amount of data being printed. Needless to say, your needs may vary. Michael
  8. this is how I would do it (see attached). I'm sure there are a 100 other ways too. Michael reflection01.MJS.afphoto
  9. I've had a few unexpected file save issues with AP. Never had an issue with lack of disk space (i.e. using a huge NAS). Seems that AP sometimes "gets confused" when saving. Hard to pinpoint, but it does occasionally happen. MacBook Pro, 16 gb RAM, latest OS patches. M
  10. AFAIK, there are no public APIs available, hence no documentation either. For the time being recording macros and/or creating plugins is about all there is available to you. M
  11. It is common practice to not support an OS once that OS is no longer supported by its author. While it may be true that "there is a market for XP" (debatable btw) the sheer age of XP and its lack of security precludes it being viable in the long run. While painful, every company I know that still uses XP knows the end is near. My advise to Affinity would be to avoid XP at all costs. Sorry. Michael
  12. In the attached screenshot of some cacti, I am using Select Sampled Color to get a pretty good sky selection. Sometimes, using the blue channel can also give you a good starting point. Care to post the photo you are having issues with? M
  13. fair enough. But it would be trivial to "dial it back" to suit your taste. I happen to like the skin tones, but someone else might like it lighter. Not an issue IMHO. But it would be nice to improve the tool to go "beyond" 100% and constrain to a specific range of hues. M
  14. My feeling is that this feature would be better available in a DAM rather than an image-editing tool. M
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