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  1. Sich den Blick so gut merken zu können ;-) Super Arbeit!
  2. Klasse, alleine die Präsentation! Danke fürs zeigen!
  3. Hallo StuardRC, ich ziehe meine Hut für Danke s zeigen! Eine wunderbare Arbeit, der Mensch die Liebe zum Detail. Für alle deine Verfügung zu deine Verfügung zu gestellten Assets und Bürsten und Hinweisen, vielen Dank.
  4. Hallo, mir gefällt es Danke fürs zeigen.
  5. Hallo Affinity-Team, herzlichen Glückwunsch und macht weiter so. Euer Angebot habe ich sehr gerne angenommen, bin nun komplett
  6. Hello, Beta is with me the first beta which I immediately removed again, unfortunately. The work with this is unbearably slow, has extree picture error (picture goes to the edge and is no longer centered) probably a problem with the Nvidia driver) worse still the system freezes, Taskmanager does not start, a hard reset is the only thing which helps. Pollux
  7. Hello, @R C-R, In Photoshop is stored in the background during the development an xmp file, You can not create the file at the end of the development, but with click on the finished xmp save the file and somehow work with it, There is nothing lost, you change later just as you would like the settings in another direction, which can be an advantage. In Affinity Photo this is not provided but you have the possibility to save your settings, although somewhat more complicated, but goes. The cumbersome thing is, it is not automatically saved by clicking on finished and you have to save in each i
  8. Hello, Colors, detail richness and presentation, a fantastic work. Pollux
  9. Hello James, Very fine pictures my favorites are but the flower and the rotating record, In a size of 80 x 80 cm on the wall. Pollux
  10. Hello. installed last night, there was an error message that something could not be found, beta is but installs and works fine. Sony RAW is OK no artifacts at the develop. seems slightly faster to download the RAWs. HDR is also okay for me, corrected some menu entries (right turn left correctly) Until now no crashes. Will further test. Pollux
  11. Hello mkoot, Interesting shots, each in his own way. The drama of the smoke is well worked out. Pollux
  12. Hallo Bodo, wieder einmal eine tolle Arbeit, gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. Pollux
  13. Hello mkroot You show us as featured pictures, all I like them very well! My Favorites are the night shots of the tram and horse carriage, which are very well done. Pollux
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