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  1. Hello, Beautiful work, reduced colors balanced abstraction.
  2. I also work with several tools from Adobe. when I hear some things, I have to try again and again whether it's not only possible with Affinity Photo, I think the software is getting better and better ... Thank you for your time and your comment.
  3. Ratonero Valenciano, photo taken on May 13th Completely edited, developed, retouched in Affinity Photo. The background is a little more blurred and has a decemted grain. If necessary, I can show the layers as a picture or each one separately.
  4. Hello dannyg9, Peter Behrens was already a generalist and self-taught, who published many works from 1992 in the magazine "PAN" at the time, quite a few art nouveau works. For me, the work The Kiss by Peter Behrens is very pleasant to look at, just wanted it to be on my wall as a picture and not too small, so the copy I made / redesigned. Thanks for your time and your comment.
  5. Thank you for the great work, thank you for the special assets.
  6. The image of Peter Behrens' kiss has always fascinated me. Since I'm still trying out the rim with Affinity Designer, I've reinterpreted it with this one. Lines and areas with 2 textures, one textile and one structure.
  7. Sich den Blick so gut merken zu können ;-) Super Arbeit!
  8. Klasse, alleine die Präsentation! Danke fürs zeigen!
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