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  1. Self explanatory really. I want to make a custom 8 but character on ap/ad inspired by Pokemon of course. is there any way to do so on affinity?
  2. that's the point of me asking how to create a hugging photo for the teddy bear... lol but anyways no I just logged back on today so when I have time later I will. I appreciate the responses
  3. Okay so I know how to use masks to overlap and create an image, but how do I use a mask to overlap characters to make them look like they are hugging. ex: a child hugging a teddy bear. part of the hand is behind the bear but the other arm is in front. sorry if this is to vague
  4. that's what is in the photo, both on the letters and tear drop. The problem is I don't know how to make the tear drop look like it's part of the T
  5. Okay so im working on fan art, and i need to make the letters look like they are droppin Gold blood. Im not exactly sure how to word this tbh. on the bottom of each letter of YRN i want blood dropping, kind of like the letters from the show Goosebumps. Im missing a step in making this look right BUT im just braindead and cant figure it out..
  6. Is there a way i can make turn a photo of a person into a cartoon on ad/ap?
  7. Hey, new to AD/AP fo about a week. Trying to get my skills to where they should be by looking at tutorials and such... Just wondering how I can turn half a face into a skull such as the attachment
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