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One of the things I do from time to time on complex edits in Photoshop is luminosity masking, using the channels tab to make a range of luminosity masks to which I can apply various edits. I have been looking at the system for pixel selection from the channels tab in Affinity, but I'm not sure I have got a proper grasp on how, or even if, it is possible to create a range of luminosity masks.

​Is this something that is not possible either in Affinity or through the use of the channels panel?

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There is no need for those fiddly "luminosity masks" in AP because of the very precise luminosity range settings available using "blend if" dialog (not available in Photoshop). Note that every layer has this already built in. You just need to determine where in the luminosity scale you want the layer effect to blend and how much to "feather" the range. Note also that this is much better than luminosity masks because you can go back and tweak the curve at any moment.


This is not a "theory": the results produce exactly the same results as a traditional luminosity mask with much more flexibility.



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