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  1. Can anybody help me figuring out what I am doing wrong here or if it is simply a persistent bug? Although even the onscreen help in AP tells me to use 'O' and 'Shift&O' to cycle crop overlays and overlay orientation, it refuses to work. It always switches to Dodge or burn. Quite annoying as for orientation cycling there is no option to do it in the menu and it also cannot be found anywhere in the keyboard shortcut preferences menu, to change it. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the response. Yes, I figured that out, but it still remains less straight forward than in Photoshop where you simply drag, or alt/drag from one layer to another, which is a single move.
  3. Interesting way to introduce yourself. I have no doubt everybody will rush head over heels to help you if you have any questions ;)
  4. There are many things I love about AP, but there at the moment there is also quite a deal breaker for me and that is the handling of masks for 2 reasons 1. mask editing and refinement is simply too slow. refinement isn't even close to real time and editing with a brush is sometimes extremely laggy. 2. I am not looking for a 1/1 copy of Photoshop and am usually happy to adapt to new ways, if they are as good or better than the old ones. That being said, I really would want to be able to drag and drop masks onto layers as I can do in PS.It's simply the most straight forward and fast way to apply/copy/paste mask among layers Maybe I am just missing something. If so, I'd be very happy to be corrected. As far as I have figured it out though, the mask workflow seems cumbersome, which is puzzling be cause many other and seemingly more complex aspects of AP (like filters) are imho smoother than in PS. Masks are however an absolutely crucial aspect of nearly any kind of photo editing and I think it's not a nice to have but a must to get it right and efficient.
  5. When I was trying to figure out how to change the direction/placement of the golden spiral in the crop overlay grid I found out it is supposed to be 'shift' & 'O', but it isn't. O is dodge/burn. Went through all 'shift'&'*key' variations possible, but none seem to trigger the golden spiral. The I tried to find the option the preferences>keyboard shortcut menu, but couldn't. Any hints how I can assign a shortcut to it? Cheers
  6. I just made in interesting and slightly problematic observation - When importing a DNG (that has been created by lightroom RAW>DNG conversion) then the camera info is missing and the image is significantly darker. When I export the same DNG to Photoshop and then from there save it out as a Tiff, that Tiff reads into Affinity Photo with all the camera info and at the correct exposure level. See screenshots below of both the Tiff and DNG in AP. This is important insofar as me and probably many more users have their photos stored as Lightroom DNG files. Even if one would love to completely switch from Adobe to AP, at this point Lightroom and Photoshop would still be required to transition old DNG files to AP. :(
  7. As a windows user I have been keeping an envious eye on Affinity Photo for quite some time. I have used Adobe products since the mid 90's and as far as one can develop emotions for software, have loved Photoshop for a long time. This love curve kept going upwards proportionally with my growing knowledge of the program. Until some point. That point was actually already before Adobe changed to the Cloud subscription model. It was around ps 7 when I noticed that my computers got fast and faster, but not necessarily Photoshop . Ps 7 or even 6 ( I don't remember anymore) has some severe memory issues which Adobe straight out denied regardless how many users experience exactly the same problems across very different machine configurations. According to Adobe it was all user error. Miraculously these specific problems disappeared with the next version of PS. For me that was the first sign of an unpleasant slowly growing arrogance from Adobe towards their users. Later I started to use Light room and loved it at first but it went a similar route ( performance issues rather getting worse than better which each new version, none customisation of shortcuts etc..) Then came cloud which I didn't welcome at all, but for various reasons embraced with an open mind at the beginning. For the first 2 years the cloud app itself was so buggy ( always failed o update itself) that I went from silently growing frustration to increasing anger. There are cloud systems out there that work ( steam for example) and if you force your customers into such a system you really should make sure that it at least works. Anyway to finally cut a long story short - during the last years, Adobe seemed to have changed more and more into a big Arrogant Monopoly bully and I was really hoping for someone to finally give them serious competition. Now, I don't know how long it lasts, but the impression I got so far, from how Serif communicates already feels like a fresh gust of air. Affinity photo shows immense potential. Sure there are some issues to iron out. Some issues though are not even issues but just a question of getting used to a new approach for those coming from Adobe products. All in all it's a process and especially during beta a cooperative effort between the developer and us, the customers. To my current knowledge Serif is handling this process very well and I sincerely hope they stay on this track as long as possible :) A good sound product with features we all want is very important but I do think that a good relationship with the customer base is not that much less important on the long run. Keep it up Serif! :)
  8. Yep, that seems to be exactly what happens. Thank you very much for the fast response and my regards to what seems to be a brilliant development team :)
  9. Thanks a lot for the help. I did discover the advanced tab and yes, there are lost of options that can be assigned to pressure, but I can't seem to find 'opacity'(see panel screenshot below) Are you referring to Accumulation? That somehow does achieve a similar result, but is still not quite the same as simply having the generak opacity of the brush driven by pressure.
  10. >>P.S. please please please guys make that luminosity mask panel happen please Oh yes - please ! :)
  11. So far I am VERY impressed. 2 things I noticed right away though: 1.) Is there really no pressure driven brush opacity (wacom pen)? 2.) the psd layers imported from photoshop that don't work correctly are gradient map layers. they are mostly just bright. I mean very bright, like a layer of white fog :) Other than that, beautiful interface - great flow, frequency separation is a killer. Can it be that gradient maps created in Affinity seem to yield in smoother higher quality than in PS, or am I under the influence of a first excitement dopamine intoxication? If I had a wish, I would desperately ask for a luminosity mask creation
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