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  1. @traildriver I think you should start an new topic for something like this, but you are looking for the Perspective Filter.
  2. That is, imho, exactly what it should do. When creating a selection in an automated way (i.e. by selecting a Colour / Tonal / Alpha Range or by using the Flood Select Tool), being able to easily crop to said selection would be very useful.
  3. With the current workarounds you can't, but if, as per shushustorm's suggestion, the new Crop to Selection just called the existing crop function, it would be non-destructive. Again, the same thing that happens with the current Crop-tool.
  4. Well, technically that is of course true, but in that sense anything is non-destructive if you keep a copy of the original document... What I meant with destructive is that you can't just "Unclip Canvas". I also found a (destructive [by any definition]) workaround for macros: Create the selection you want to crop to > Invert Selection > Delete > Clip Canvas I've also made a macro that handles multi-layer documents. clip_to_selection.afmacro
  5. The problem is just that this doesn't work in macros and is destructive... So I would still very much appreciate a "Crop to Selection" function.
  6. Of course; when I disable Snap to guides nothing snaps to the guides, as one would expect. I just used guides as an example, but this behaviour occures when snapping to other things as well: Here it snapps to the upper text frame (kind of...).
  7. When resizing text, for some text frames, the resize handle snaps to something, like so: For other text frames, it snaps to something, a guide in this case, but actually isn't on the guide. Both cases are not what I would expect, which is the text frame snapping to i.e. the guide. Also the help description in the status bar doesn't match the actual behaviour: It says "Shift to preserve aspect ratio." when it should say "Shift to ignore aspect ratio." text_resize.afdesign
  8. When you draw a rectangle, convert it to a text frame and write a word that is wider than the rectangle, you'll get this: which is exactly what you would expect. However, when you do the same thing with a shape that is not a rectangle, your result will be something like this:
  9. In the Dynamics tab of the Brush - Selection window all values can be decreased using the mouse wheel, but not increased in the same manner.
  10. Thanks! They should really use that description in the Windows version as well...
  11. The Rotation slider maxes out at 50%, wich is equivalent to 180°. Rotating further is possible by keying in a larger value, but you shouldn't have to do that. Also, the unit for a rotation should be degree, not percent. P.S. Sorry for sounding so negative in most of my posts, but aside from the stuff I'm complaining about, I think Photo is a great piece of software
  12. What is "Wheel" here? The Help doesn't say anything about it...
  13. When adding a new Pixel Layer to a cropped canvas, it only fills the currently visible (cropped) part of the canvas. This leads to problems when changing the crop later, making cropping -in some way- a destructive operation, wich it shouldn't be. Take a look at this video to see what I mean. I'm not entirely certain whether this is a bug or a "feature", but it's definitely not desirable for a non-destructive workflow. 2017.11.10-13.26.mp4
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