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    Music, photography, my family.
  1. I am trying to colour match two images - but I cannot work out how to have both images on the screen at the dame time - the reference image, and the one I want to match. Any ideas?
  2. Howard Worf

    Affinity Photo - Crop Layer

    Yesterday I came to do my first crop in Affinity Photo only to find that there is no destructive crop option. ​​I think this is a serious omission. I had to save my image 16 bit image as jpg and then open the newly save degraded image before I could use a Topaz plugin because the plugin imports the whole canvas, not the cropped image. Saving as a .tif didn't work, as the canvas remained the same uncropped size. I don't know if non destructive cropping as the ONLY option is a good idea in Designer, but frankly it's a poor implementation decision as the only possibility in a Photo editor.
  3. Thanks, I knew I'd seen that somewhere - I just wasn't far enough up the tree!
  4. An improvement suggestion: The ability to select by tonal range is very very useful, BUT it would be mega useful if it were possible to add additional controls in a daughter dialogue box to refine the selection of the tonal range - dark point, light point and feather. The I wouldn't need luminosity masks. :) I hope this is the right place for suggestions.
  5. One of the things I do from time to time on complex edits in Photoshop is luminosity masking, using the channels tab to make a range of luminosity masks to which I can apply various edits. I have been looking at the system for pixel selection from the channels tab in Affinity, but I'm not sure I have got a proper grasp on how, or even if, it is possible to create a range of luminosity masks. ​Is this something that is not possible either in Affinity or through the use of the channels panel?