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  1. @firstdefence Yes you are right in fact, I was undecided whether to use the term path or curves; thanks a lot for the tip and for the links ... Regards
  2. Hello everyone, as the title suggests, is it possible to save a path in APhoto? Thank you and greetings
  3. @fde101 It 's true what you say, if you work with light colors the problem is greatly attenuated; however when the tones become darker the line of the track loses visibility. I work with typically small objects (high-class bijottery) before I used Photoshop and, I didn't have this handicap. I also understand that maybe others (including you) do not experience such difficulties, it would be enough for me, as you also said, that there was the possibility of being able to change the color in order to work with adequate satisfaction. Thanks for your time ... Greetings
  4. Yes, it would be very useful to be able to cut the same amount of pixels left and right. Regards
  5. @mikerofoto I also tried your method and I must say that you are right: it works. Thank you...
  6. @DWright I put your advice into practice and, with blue it works quite well, but with other dominants less. @PaulEC I have tried the procedure clearly described. I have seen that the final result depends very much on the 'white' reference point taken; sometimes white is far from white and the result varies accordingly. I thank you both for the time you have dedicated to me and I ask you if you recommend a tutorial or anything that makes me understand how to adjust the white point with AP. Thanks so much......
  7. Hello, is there in AP a quick and easy way to eliminate a color cast in a photo? Thanks for collaboration
  8. I renew my request regarding the color of the Pen tool: I use the pen tool a lot and I struggle to distinguish the lines of the path; I make selections using the path on very small objects and the color traced does not help. The ideal would be to have the same color that Photoshop uses with its paths. Thanks in advance and especially my sight.
  9. Thank you, now I have more clear the correct use of Patch Tool. See you soon, hello.
  10. Use APhoto 1.7.3; I am not clear about the use of the Patch Tool I come from Photoshop but, surely I find a friend who helps me understand. Thanks so much
  11. @dutchshader Yes, indeed, Select> selection from layer gives me again the selection of the object on the layer. @firstdefence I really think you are right, the ease of making a selection from a track and not being able to find the opposite seemed strange to me. I hope this gap will be filled soon. Thank you both for your time ...
  12. Hi, From a path I get a selection; how do I turn the selection into a path? Thanks for collaboration...
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