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  1. Hi Dan, you don't have to apologize, I realize that this problem is difficult to solve; indeed, I thank you for the precious collaboration. I am increasingly convinced that the defect does not come from Affinity but from Windows 7, I have been using this SO for many years and, I remembered that after an update the PC was malfunctioning and it took a long time to put everything in place. Because of this for a long time I haven't updated regularly, I think this is the key to the problem; I must point out that I have never had this kind of problem with all the programs I use and have used. Regarding your final question, I repeat that until I write to you: - the completely Black program opening logo; - the welcome window with Black logo and windows; - some tool icons appear Black (see image); - icons for choosing the top menu bar Black; - the icons of choice of Black Panels (Studio). I also point out that the problem is only 'aesthetic' in fact it only creates visibility problems (black icon on a dark background). I tried the program according to my needs long enough and apart from the Black of logo and icons everything else works well and satisfies me, I haven't noticed any other malfunctions. I will follow your advice, I will try to eliminate other programs to understand if there is a conflict, of course this will take a long time but, if there should be any news I will notify you ... Thanks a lot...
  2. Sure dear friends, in Photoshop it is in the 'Effects level' panel the possibility of creating a new style, but there is also that the last setting remains memorized and there is no need to do it all over again. However as I said before, the fact that you can save the style already solves the problem and I hope that in the near future Affinity programmers will find a quicker way to do this. Thank you...
  3. Thank you very much @dutchshader, that's exactly what I was looking for. To resent thanks ...
  4. Yes, as @Joachim_L says It should be possible to save as a preset so that you can use them where you need them without necessarily having an object to copy from. Thank you___
  5. Yes thanks @dutchshader it works and the purpose is reached. Comment: However, it would be convenient to have a way to memorize the Level Effects regardless of the object to which they are applied; I use them a lot and, with this procedure, I always have an object at hand to copy. Many thanks to all___
  6. Hello, the question is: in Affinity Photo when I apply Effects level there is a way to memorize the adjustment in case I want to repeat the same or every time I have to redo everything? Thank you___
  7. I have performed the following: unfortunately, the result is still negative, you can see it for yourself ... What was Black remained Black but, - 'Sooner or later we succeed' - Disagree? Greetings and good Sunday___
  8. Hi Dan, I too have no doubt that sooner or later we will arrive at the result, I am one who is not easily discouraged especially if I have a valid interlocutor like you. We come to the point: I followed the indicated procedure step by step; on the system there is Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5.1; I tell you the truth, after the repeated system restarts I expected to have some good news to give and instead, unfortunately, nothing has changed - everything remains immutable. I look forward to another idea___ Thanks a lot and good WE___
  9. Here I am, disabled - ScreenManager Pro for LCD (DDC / CI) - as you asked me to do but, my dear friend, nothing has changed, everything remains immutable. The very fact that whatever we do we don't even have the slightest change makes me think: an absolute neophyte thought, but is it that while we are looking for something that is in conflict with Affinity instead, something is missing? I mean isn't it that Affinity needs a service that's not there? I beg you not to laugh, I say this because it occurred to me that during installation Affinity uploaded a Microsoft.net (at least I remember it) and it took a long time. If I said nonsense, please forgive me. Thanks Dan for the effort you put into helping me___
  10. Hello, I immediately made the request; I uploaded the product file to your dropbox, I hope it can be useful. Thanks and hear again___
  11. Hello, I took your advice: - I restored the original SRGB but, nothing has changed. I am not a professional but an amateur and I make a consideration: I think it is possible that a profiling of a well-made monitor can affect the colors indeed, it serves just that but, it does not upset them; I mean I don't think it can make something that is white become black. Of course I could also be wrong, I am not the possessor of absolute truths. Thanks for your patience___
  12. @Dan C No, none of these. No, no remote connection. I am passionate about photography and I also enjoy the graphics, even though my PC is not exactly brand new it does its job very well, I also have a well-calibrated Eizo 24" monitor. I still use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS4 versions and the choice of Affinity Photo was to try something new at an affordable price since Adobe is too expensive for me. Too bad for this problem, I have to say that for the rest the program works well. If it can be useful I did a test: I downloaded and installed the Affinity Designer trial version; Well, it has the same problem as Affinity Photo. Obvious that there is some problem between Serif and my PC, I think that sooner or later I will have to change it. Thank you for taking the time ... if you have any other ideas ...
  13. @Dan C Ho eseguito alla lettera i tuoi consigli: - con DDU ho cancellato tutto; - scaricato direttamente l'ultima versione da Nvidia e installata. Il risultato però non è stato positivo, in effetti non è cambiato assolutamente niente. Se hai altri suggerimenti...mille grazie per la collaborazione... _________________________________________________________________________________ I followed your advice to the letter: - with DDU I deleted everything; - directly downloaded the latest version from Nvidia and installed. The result, however, was not positive, in fact absolutely nothing has changed. If you have other suggestions ... thank you very much for your cooperation ...
  14. foto-grafic

    Justification in Publisher

    Excuse me but, I don't understand the need to do line break (Shift + Enter) without any advantage when you want a Justification on the left; at this point, as @Joachim_L said, the best thing is to end the paragraph (Enter).
  15. Just to add a consideration: if it were all black I would understand it but, why only some things are black? Thank you...