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  1. Thanks for delivering such an excellent product - it was well worth the wait and the extensive testing. However, I have found what I consider a replicable bug. You may of course say that is a planned feature but I think that it is a nuisance. 1. Use a rectangle in a colour to make a background on a master template. 2. Go to a page using this template and place an image on the page 3. Use the Arrange function to Send Back the image I think that this should not work as the template should remain fixed on any page and should not be able to be involved in editing processes in this way. Of course, if you try to edit the template background on a page to which it has been applied it cannot be done so really it seems to me that this behaviour is a bug. === Jim test.afpub
  2. Sticking with the currently selected option would be OK but I think that much fewer support calls would arise from the correct default in the first place. Publisher will open these apps to a new, less experienced market as Photo and Design has done before it. I think that it would be much better to set things like this to reduce questions to the forum and support.
  3. MikeW, you give an additional reason why we all want to request that the default be changed to ‘All Pages’. Thanks.
  4. I raised this issue first in a bug report as I was unable to export a paged version of my document to PDF. I have been to busy, until now, to follow up on vonBusing's request in this thread. I believe that the majority of us would expect the default in PDF export to be 'All Pages' rather than 'All Spreads' and would ask Affinity to consider this change. It may be all right for professionals to have 'All spreads' but I think that you will get a multitude of support issues if you stick with the current default.
  5. Many thanks vonBusing. The great thing about the Serif products is that they are opening up professional tools to a wider audience. I, for one, really value that as the alternative is prohibitively costly for a pensioner. Anything that they can do to help new users into the fold the better. I consider this case closed from my point of view because I have a workaround and you have suggested a change. Thanks to all who have helped.
  6. Chris, it was really not that difficult to solve the problem in Export to PDF without dazzling me with science. All you needed to tell me was to change the Area dropdown to All Pages instead of All Spreads. The clue was in my description where I said that Publisher prints each page to A4 and that was what I was looking for. I knew that I had done this in the past in InDesign so I was sure that I could do it somehow in Publisher. I think perhaps that All Pages would be a better default than All Spreads but maybe it was done this way to match InDesign. It is my suggestion that for the average numpty like me it may cause less confusion whilst black belt users, such as yourself, would know how to do this anyway.
  7. Sorry, but that is not a bug fix. It is a workaround. as an end user, I want to produce a PDF in the normal way without hoops to jump through.publisher will not be the definitive software for publishing for a very long time. With Designer I work in just this way - export a PDF and send to a printer. Pdf is an industry standard and if I can send a consistent file - the current one is not - then I will get consistent results.
  8. If you send what you describe to a third party as a PDF then what do they print? Page 1 is an A4 single portrait page then the intermediate page pairs are A4 landscape pages (two side by side A5 pages) followed by a single final page which is, once again, a single A4 portrait page. if, as an alternative, you print direct from Publisher then all pages will print correctly as A4 portrait and even double sided works correctly. What I am saying is that the PDF is not correct. You cannot use PDF to send to a third party printer or to a client as it cannot be printed correctly. I suggest that you actually try this for yourself as I am afraid that it cannot be described any further than that.
  9. When I created my new document page 1 was the only one present. I then added the page spears and, on someones advice to have an even set of pages I had to add in a single final page. That is why I became puzzled as InDesign always did that for me as I remember,
  10. As I explained, inside Affinity Publisher Beta, I clicked Export/PDF - can’t be simpler.
  11. Thanks for your clarifications. There is clearly more sophistication than is at first apparent.
  12. Yes, I am using this command to remedy the problem. However, the pages should, surely, centre automatically, hence the bug report.
  13. Thanks, that is very useful. However, when you start a new document/project it comes set up with a front cover page and no back page is added. Surely this would be a useful thing to do as a default? Most people will probably want to work with an even number of pages? I suppose the workaround is to delete the single default page and do a double but then the numbering will have to be manual to make it work out properly in print. The strange thing is that if I print exactly the same document from Publisher directly, all the pages print in sequence perfectly. This makes me still think that the fault is with the PDF export because it is outputting a portrait first page and then landscape double pages which is decidedly odd.
  14. When changing to display a new double page display within a project, the age does not centre correctly but comes in too far to the left. This only happens on changing to pages 2/3 after viewing page 1 (a single page which was correctly centred beforehand.
  15. Having created a test booklet and then exported to PDF. When I tried to view or print this on double sided A4 paper something weird happened. The first page was portrait and full size A4. The successive pages where then landscape two per page as laid out in Affinity Publisher. I would assume that all pages should be landscape (first page A5 on right hand side of a landscape page) or all pages A4 (double sided - page 1, 2/3 double sided. etc.). Is this right or am I missing something? Please note that I am not a whizzy InDesign user but somebody who wants to do a bit of publishing and loved Serif Affinity products!
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