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  1. Thanks for delivering such an excellent product - it was well worth the wait and the extensive testing. However, I have found what I consider a replicable bug. You may of course say that is a planned feature but I think that it is a nuisance. 1. Use a rectangle in a colour to make a background on a master template. 2. Go to a page using this template and place an image on the page 3. Use the Arrange function to Send Back the image I think that this should not work as the template should remain fixed on any page and should not be able to be involved in editing processes in this way. Of course, if you try to edit the template background on a page to which it has been applied it cannot be done so really it seems to me that this behaviour is a bug. === Jim test.afpub
  2. Sticking with the currently selected option would be OK but I think that much fewer support calls would arise from the correct default in the first place. Publisher will open these apps to a new, less experienced market as Photo and Design has done before it. I think that it would be much better to set things like this to reduce questions to the forum and support.
  3. MikeW, you give an additional reason why we all want to request that the default be changed to ‘All Pages’. Thanks.
  4. I raised this issue first in a bug report as I was unable to export a paged version of my document to PDF. I have been to busy, until now, to follow up on vonBusing's request in this thread. I believe that the majority of us would expect the default in PDF export to be 'All Pages' rather than 'All Spreads' and would ask Affinity to consider this change. It may be all right for professionals to have 'All spreads' but I think that you will get a multitude of support issues if you stick with the current default.
  5. Having created a test booklet and then exported to PDF. When I tried to view or print this on double sided A4 paper something weird happened. The first page was portrait and full size A4. The successive pages where then landscape two per page as laid out in Affinity Publisher. I would assume that all pages should be landscape (first page A5 on right hand side of a landscape page) or all pages A4 (double sided - page 1, 2/3 double sided. etc.). Is this right or am I missing something? Please note that I am not a whizzy InDesign user but somebody who wants to do a bit of publishing and loved Serif Affinity products!
  6. This had nothing at all to do with hard disk space as I had 1.6 Tb of available space. What it had to do with was storage space on an 8Gb iMac. I eventually solved the problem using the restore the current file after closing Affinity Designer. It was a bit of a kludge but got me out of the problem. However, the Affinity team should be aware that there are no warnings that memory was becoming full or that there was an easy way to get out of the problem without a lot of heartache on the behalf of the user. It would be well worth testing before any new version is released.
  7. I am running MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 and using Affinity Designer 1.5.4 I made a very silly mistake in that I got so carried away with the design that I forgot to save until I had filled the memory buffer to a point when Designer will not let me save the file. It offer the File/Save window and when I press the blue Save button it turns white and the filename greys out and everything locks. If I do a Force Quit then the file will restore but the same problem happens again and I am totally locked. The problem is that there are no warnings of the memory being full and no way of backing out of this situation without losing all my work, let alone saving a part of it. I know that this is a basic mistake but there are no warnings and no way of saving the work. Such a pity when the product is so good otherwise. I suppose that I will have to lose everything and start again.
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