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  1. This is probably an easy question to answer, but for some reason I am confused. Does anyone have an alternative way to explain artboards? something just isnt clicking for me. I feel like it should be an easy concept, so Im not sure if I am overthinking it? The way I understand it is that its like an area where if you were to be designing a brand identity, it would be where you place the business card, letterhead ...etc. So then its all in one place? I am doing the Workbook which is fantastic at explaining everything, but im at a loss so i must be overthinking it right?
  2. ok, this is weird, because now when I click on tutorials it goes to a diffrent Vimeo channel with amost 400 videos.... I must have overlooked something. I apologize for wasting anyones time.
  3. Hey I started looking through the Affinity Workbook and am a bit disappointed...On page 11 you reference your social media accounts, and under the Vimeo logo it says, "Learn how to use the Affinity suite with our comprehensive video tutorials at www.vimeo.com/macaffinity." I was excited about this because I learn better hands on vs reading directions. So, I was a bit surprised to see that there are literally only 2 videos on the channel, and they are from 2 years ago. I am aware that there is a bunch of videos all over the internet, but I was hoping for something that went in some type of order. It would be awesome if a set of videos came with the workbook to go along with it in sequence. Do you plan on updating the Vimeo channel? Thank you for all the hard work put into such an amazing program! Jen
  4. Thank you for your replies. I knew something was out there, I just didn't know what exactly. I believe I just need to be patient until AD comes out on IOS. As much as I am anticipating the release for ipad, I also appreciate that the Affinity team takes their time to create such quality and innovative products. Again, thank you for taking the time to reply. Jen
  5. Good Morning and Happy Monday, (morning in USA anyways... ) I was hoping someone could take the time to answer a question for me... Until Affinity Designer is available for the IPad Pro, I still switch back n forth to my laptop. There has to be an easier way to do this? Can I use my iPad as a drawing board hooked up to my laptop so I can run AD? I hope this makes sense, basically because it's obviously easier to use my apple pencil than to use the mouse. I run Windows 10 professional. Thanks to any and all advice, Jen
  6. I apologize for taking up time for such a simple question, but I'm too impatient to just wait and see. I was curious about where the workbook is shipped from? I ordered it already, but didnt see any information about how long shipping would take. So to those of you who also ordered, how long did it take to receive? Just really excited to get it! Thanks, Jen
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