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  1. That sounds unusual. Would you be willing to post the image up so we can see why it might not be working well?
  2. I'm also curious to know if there is any difference between Detail Enhancement and Unsharp mask. So far I have assumed there is no difference since there is no other sharpening panel in the Develop Persona. Hope the Serif guys can comment on this!
  3. Congratulations! Continue to surprise us with the great work :)
  4. What happens when you the file with Affinity Photo alone on each monitor in turn?
  5. I noticed that in the history panel "brightness" adjustments in the Develop Persona show up as "set whitepoint". First: Probably that should be changed to make it consistent? Second: What does set whitepoint mean and what does it actually do vs. exposure?
  6. Are you guys aware of a bug affecting the Crop > Straighten tool in the Develop Persona? If I select straighten and undo the operation it doesn't always get undone, and cropping the image again will apply the same straighten/rotation operation as before. Easiest way to replicate this: 1. Select crop tool. 2. Use straighten tool to straighten out the image. 3. Undo all crop operations. (Cmd-Z) 4. Re-select crop tool and perform a crop. The same rotation is applied again even though I didn't want it to.
  7. Just to check, does the Black Point setting in the Develop Persona setting the pure black point? (0,0,0)
  8. Instructions say drag up and down to zoom in and out, but the tool actually works while dragging left (zoom out) and right (zoom in).
  9. Ah well, thanks anyway. Maybe Apple sets sales endings as non-inclusive, might be something to talk to them about.
  10. Is the launch discount over already? I was a bit late to the game, and it's still 23 July but it seems the price is now? I thought it would have been 23 July inclusive. :P
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